Saturday, 19 November 2011

I'm a terrible mother

according to my 2yo son, I am a terrible mother... really I am. My son should be called 'parrot' as pretty much everything hubby or I say, or anything within earshot, is repeated over and over again. Being a sarcastic person I find myself saying things like 'oh I know, I'm a terrible mother not letting you have cake or ice cream for dinner/breakfast/walking around with snot dribbling to your chin/not allowing you to climb onto the book shelf/jump from the kitchen table/making you lie still for a nappy change/making you put shoes on'.... Well, it's backfired hasn't it, as Monkey Man spent all day Thursday telling me, his sisters and his toys that 'mummy is a tebbible mother'. He also kept telling his sister and the neighbours dog 'to give it a rest'. The poor dog gets yelled at alot, and not just by my kids. If someone leaves eg Daddy, my Mum, friends, other kids, Monkey Man tells me and both his sisters, over and over AND over again that said person has 'gone to work'. Seems lots of people go to work! I hear him telling he's toys they are 'naughty boys and there's gonna be big trouble soon'.... Hmmm me thinks I really have to make an effort to think before I speak in his presence. He has hearing like a bat so can hear me from 3 rooms away, unless I'm telling him to stop hitting, pinching, punching, kicking, pushing or jumping on his sister. Then, he's deaf as a post. Spose it could be worse, I say alot worse than 'give it a rest'. . .

I explained to him last week, as the storm clouds rolled in, that the black clouds meant a big storm was coming. A storm did indeed hit and it was infact a big one! Now, every time the sun goes behind a cloud, a plane goes over or there is some form of big noise outside, or all of the above, I am informed that a 'big storm coming'. Seriously cute!

His Thomas the Tank Engine obsession is still in full flight, with him telling me many times a day how he 'neeeeeds thomas', and we have watched the same DVD's hundreds of times yet he seems surprised when something exciting happens or there is a new character on an episode. Meanwhile Missy Moo is happy to dance to the theme music. He also starts telling me he 'needs thomas, watching thomas' about 3 minutes into the second last episode on the DVD, appears he knows when its coming to an end. Oh, and just a small side note, I'd hate to know what the insurance premiums are on the Island of Sodor as there is an accident every 5 bloody minutes!! I wouldn't want to work there!

Next time you think you're having a bad mother day, just remind yourself it could be worse. You could be a 'terrible mother'.


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