Monday, 7 November 2011

santa claus is coming to town..... fark!!

So, it's November. How the hell is it November already?? It's ok though, I've bought one present! And it's for the youngest child who won't have a clue whats going on. Oh dear, time to panic, although I refuse to panic buy. I will use my trusty friend, internet shopping, to get me through. It's more the what to buy for who, and can I buy it in time (gotta love monthly pay!!) thats stressing me out.... Monkey Man is having a Thomas kinda xmas this year as his obsession has intensified, he wants to sleep with trains, take them in the bath, to the table and wakes up in the middle of the night talking about Thomas. A friend gave me some 'wooden railway' stuff that her son has outgrown and the face on Monkey Man when I showed it to him today, well it was totally worth it and cemented my suspicions that he'd love it. He played trains for hours, was happy in his own world. Meanwhile Missy Moo and I spent a couple of hours playing Little People and dancing to various songs that came on TV. She loves one on one attention. What to buy for her? Well someone suggested a dolly and pram and while I am considering it, I'm worried that Monkey Man will take it and make it his train carrier?? Not bothered about buying her a gender specific present (for any of my kids actually), its just she's not really into anything much (yet). She loves music and dancing, Fisher Price Little People (we have loads!), annnnd whatever Monkey Man is playing with, oh and smacking Little Miss around. Poor baby has had to toughen up pretty quick! I thought today I might make a dress up kit for all 3 of them, with various hats, costumes, wands, drs kit, wings, etc etc. That would be a good pressie I spose?
Monkey Man will get a train table, just where from I'm not 100% yet. Little Miss has a Sophie the Giraffe teether winging its way here as we speak - I swore I'd never buy one of these, stupidly over priced teethers but it was on sale and I figured it might be nice for her to have a teether all of her own that hasn't been through two lots of teething already. Poor kid gets alot of hand me downs as it is. The least I can do is buy her a giraffe. And Missy Moo, well something will come to me. It has to.

So far on the list (x3): hooded beach/pool towels, bath towels, aprons and art smocks, xmas PJs, a stocking full of little things (books, trains, bath toys and bubble bath squeezies, rubber ducks for the bath - last lot went mouldy and are now in toy heaven, a t-shirt or outfit for xmas day, some choc coins/custard for Little Miss etc etc) and this is pretty much where I stall!!

And speaking of xmas, my kids will be having a photo taken with Santa this year. It's a tradition I intend to uphold for as long as the kids will co-operate, or live with me! And actually even if they cry there will still be a Santa photo. Aren't I terrible?? I figure its a memory to look back on and laugh if they're crying or sigh nostalgically at how cute and small they were. My Mum told me last night she doesn't have Santa photos of me as I hated Santa and refused to go near him. Attitude from a young age. Hmmm and I wonder where my children, particularily Missy Moo get it from??? It sux I don't have any Santa photos, how freaking rude!! Missy Moo is not gonna like Santa, I can pretty much bet money on that. She's not good with strangers, very stand offish and pretty much only warms to you once you've been around for a few hours. And if hubby or I are there, well it'll be a extra long few hours as she clings to us. I'm betting I end up in the Santa pic, so best make sure I've got my smiley face on that day. I'm a bit vain when it comes to photos... is it wrong to choose the Santa photo that I look good in but the kids look shocking?? Seriously?


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