Saturday, 5 November 2011

weigh in day

Today was weigh in day... I was not feeling confident, and really I never am, but I also know that a blow out tends to take 2 weeks to catch up with you. So I weighed in with a heavy heart and found I'd only lost .2kg this week, which is a loss all the same so I'll take it. At least it wasn't a gain. I started to feel a little down about only losing 200g but then realised in the 6 weeks since joining WW I've lost 8kg so I should feel pretty damn proud. And in the 3 months since my baby was born, I've lost 18kg. Alot went in the form of a 4kg baby and all the stuff that accompanied her but still, that's huge! Thats the most weight I've ever lost, and whilst I have a long way to go, I am taking a moment to celebrate this little milestone. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn for 3+ years/babies, I'm finding some things are way too big and are now at the back of the wardrobe. I'm feeling and looking better, and I'm inspired to keep going. I do have a long way to go so lets not get too carried away but yes, one must celebrate!

My husband stayed home today for his first day alone with all 3 kids, all day. A milestone for him. I went on a first aid course so its not like I was off shopping to celebrate my weight loss or enjoying a day of freedom. I last did my first aid certificate in 2009 which was pre children (although I was pregnant) so it was interesting to do it now that I am a mum, and practice CPR on infant and child size dolls... certainly gets you thinking about what would I do, would I know what to do in the case of an emergency, especially if one of my children was involved? It's one of those situations where you don't know how you will react until you're in it, living it and terrified. Adrenalin is so powerful, and it really does take over. Last week a friends 6mth old baby got locked in a bedroom, we don't know how but it happened and I stayed calm. I was trying to keep my kids calm, babys mum calm and myself calm and I think because I knew if we couldn't get him out the fire brigade would, that I was calm. And yes, we got him out through the window. Yet a few years ago my husband had an accident at home, and finding him floating in the pool, face down, blue as a smurf is an image I will never ever forget. I knew what to do yet I fell to pieces. And if it wasn't for his best mate helping me get him out of the pool and doing CPR on him, he wouldn't be here today. I was hysterical, that banchee woman you see on TV, that was me. His mate told me to pull myself together and help him. Emergency situations are horrible and you just don't know how you will cope until you're faced with one yourself. Hopefully armed with knowledge I will react in the appropriate manner and be able to save my kids (or anyone elses) should the need arise.

And yes, my hubby survived his first day solo, even though he called his best mate and fiance over to help. Cheater!! The kids were happy, fed, changed, entertained etc and whilst I had no doubt (ok, maybe just a tiny bit) it was nice to see they could cope without me for a day. Who knows, maybe I will go off on a day shopping sometime soon? Maybe I could start our xmas shopping?? GAH!!


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