Wednesday, 2 November 2011

all I want for xmas

All I want for Xmas this year is a DSLR camera. I'm a simple girl really, with simple (sort of) tastes... Ok so it won't be cheap but if I really really want it, surely that makes it ok? I don't want a professional super dooper expensive one, just one to get me started. I take loads of pics of my kids on the trusty point and shoot camera but I really want to learn how to take proper photos on a proper camera. Plus I figure I better get as many shots of the kids as possible before they get older and tell me to bugger off with my camera! I'm working on a photowall for our house and what's been done so far looks really good. I just need to get some more photos printed. Thats the thing with the digital age though, we take thousands of photos, delete hundreds yet probably print a dozen or so? If my house was on fire I'd grab my children, of course, and then my photos. And yes I have an external hard drive full of photos as well as a folder of back-ups on cd (learnt my lesson after my laptop died!!). This is all strategically placed so I can grab it and run. Am I the only one that thinks like this??

In our parents time they didn't have the luxury of digital photos, and whatever photos they took they printed out and framed or stuck in dodgy albums. I'm old enough to remember the old way, and the excitement of picking up prints. Wondering if there was any good shots or even wondering what was on the film in the first place as its been sat waiting to be printed for how long?? I still prefer the digital option though where I can delete horrid double chin shots or edit out red eyes, both I do alot!! Heck I even use technology to scan/photograph my children's artistic creations and capture them for future tormenting (can't wait to show potential partners the 'cow' my child drew at 2yo) and memory sake (mine, *sigh*).

Someone once told me never to delete photos of your kids as you can edit, crop, paste, layer them etc and something that looks odd now might be the perfect size, look, shade etc for some photo compilation you make in the future. I try very hard to capture my children on 'film' so I can remember how they were. My own baby photo album has alot more photos than my younger brothers does, and I spose thats due to my Mum not having the time and/or the funds to print all she took. That was the time I grew up in. The digital age grants me more freedom in that respect, plus I have a thing about equality and do all I can to take equal numbers of photos of my three kids. I have issues re equality but won't go into that here! It's hard to be equal though when trying to take pics of my youngest, I mean just how many photos can you take of a sleeping baby?? Haha! The digital age means places like facebook and blogs serve as online baby books. And while I have proper baby books here for my 3, I am going to have to refer back to my digital entries to fill them in. What counts is that I've written everything down... somewhere?!! I've loved looking at my baby book, more so now I have babies myself and while I think this keepsake stuff is more important to women, I'm still doing it all for my son. Looking at photos of me as a baby, I still don't see any of myself physically in my children despite what others say. It appears the genes from my husbands side are much stronger than
mine. Dammit!

So Santa if you're listening, please bring me a nice shiny DSLR camera for Christmas. I've been a good girl. I'm doing my best to be a good mummy, I'm not naughty (ok sometimes), I try to do my bit for others... plus lets be honest, you've forgotten me the last couple of years so I reckon you owe me. Actually come to think of it, your pal the Birthday Barbie and Anniversary Annie have forgotten me too so let's say the camera is a big IOU/joint present from all of you. Ok? Throw in Michael Buble's Christmas album and we'll call it quits. Cheers!


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