Sunday, 5 February 2012

18months old today

Missy Moo is 18months old today, yay!! I occasionally have moments of wow, I have a daughter. Actually I have two, but hey, I have girls so the girly girl in me will live on - hopefully.

some of Missy Moo's 18 month stats:
  • she's been walking since 11months old. confidently since about 12.5 mths
  • she has long, curly, almost strawberry blonde hair (thanks to hubbys gene pool for the colour)
  • she's wearing a size 2 in most of her clothing, almost a 3 in some things (eek!)
  • she's wearing a size 5 shoe
  • says clearly: no (fave word), ball, na-na, nanny, shoe, baby, yes, please, daisy, cheese, bic (biccie), mummy, daddy, brother, cuddle, kiss,
  • she's getting braver when it comes to climbing up onto things, over things, jumping, running, dancing.
  • she's gone from quite shy at 12mths old to fairly outgoing, it just takes her a little while to warm up to new people.
  • she adores her brother and follows him everywhere. adores her Daddy and when he's in the room, no one else exists.
  • she LOVEs to cuddle and kiss all of us, especially Little Miss. sometimes the cuddles are quite violent hahaha but this is due to her not knowing her own strength.
  • Upsy Daisy is her favourite soft toy and she runs to the TV when she comes on, and loves to 'dance' with her
  • she'll get her first hair cut this month - even though it will just be a fringe trim, its much needed!


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