Wednesday, 8 February 2012

anyone want a toddler that never (ever) shuts up?

My 2.5yo Monkey Man talks non-stop, and I mean non-stop. He's a sponge and absorbs EVERYTHING thats said to him, in his vicinity and even when he's busy playing with loud toys so you think there is no chance he can hear you. He also has the hearing of a bat. He has started that very cute imaginative play, pretending and talking to inate objects. Just the other day his trains were 'pies' and 'milkshakes' and he and Missy Moo were 'eating them all up, yum yum yum'. Hmmm ok then. His soft toys are often going on adventures to the carpark or the shops, off to play with their friends. Any toy with clothes on is swiftly 'underdressed' as 'they no need clothes'. Should I be worried about that one? He can 'read' aka memorise nearly all of the little kiddie books and promptly corrects you if you misname something or try to skip a page. He also tells you if you sing the words incorrectly. It truly is wonderful hearing him chatter and play, and he loves to share with his little sister telling her where to go, how to do something or when to stop. I've no idea where he gets his bossy ways from though *blush*.... I love seeing how close they are, and hope it will be a 3 way bond in a few months time once Little Miss loses her baby qualities and moves more towards toddlerhood.

In the last few weeks he's come out with some ahem, lovely things, and embarrassed me a few times.
Just a few Monkey Man's musings:
"mummy I got a baby in my tummy"
"mummy you cranky?"
"santa brings presents"
"santa bring me Thomas"
"need my wallet, watch, lunch, na-na, go in car to train to work"
"mummy has purple undies"
"me want something nice"
"get your willy out"
"no, I can't. I too busy"
"you push me like this, then again and again. not your turn til I say so"
"yes I hit her. why not?"

We clearly have a few things to work on....He's also started asking me questions about everything, like where did that person go, when are they coming back, why are they wearing that hat, how are you, where did you go. We're not far away from 'but whyyyy?' and you know he's gonna be one of those kids that asks WHY every minute of the day. And from all I've heard thats a very special age!?!?
I think how cute all this is, and then I realise I have another 2 to get through this stage...
pours a bourban and starts chanting to self: this too shall pass, this too shall pass


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