Saturday, 25 February 2012

oh happy day

I went and got my hair done this morning as my greys were very visible and we’re off to a wedding next week. Between now and then I wasn’t going to have time other than this morning, so off I went. I got myself a maccas frappe on my way there, a little treat just for me! So I sip, sip, sipped on the way to the hairdresser. I sipped while getting my colour done and I then had one of the most brutal hair washes I’ve ever had. I could feel the sickness growing inside me, I could feel all the colour draining from my face. I gritted my teeth and prayed the trauma that was my hair wash would be over soon so I could get to a bathroom. As soon as I was free from that basin and deathlike grip I ran for the loo. I just made it, thankgod as how embarrassing would that have been. When I got back to the hairdressers I told them I’d had to go vomit, and of course they then started quizzing me about if I’m pregnant. I’m not. Trust me. I still don’t know if I drank too much, or if I had too much of the cream on top of the drink, or what caused it but I’m officially taking frappes off the ‘treat’ list for a while. A situation I'd rather not repeat anytime soon.

After my hair was done I went off to browse for a dress suitable for the wedding. I have stuff at home I could wear so it was a no pressure shopping trip, the best kind right? I was a bit worried that everything at home may have been too big but I decided if I didn’t find anything at the shops I would try things on at home this afternoon and get something altered if necessary. I went into a ‘big girls shop’ (Autograph) and started browsing. I had a really nice shop assistant come up and ask if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her a dress for a wedding and she pointed me to a rack full of dresses. She then started showing me things and suggesting things, doing the sales pitch. I agreed to try a couple on despite not feeling 100% and in my head I’d decided I didn’t need anything and would wear something from home. She then turned to me and said ‘so you’re an 18 right’… and it was a statement, not a question. I was shocked, and I laughed at her – in hindsight that was very rude of me!? I said no, I’m not a 18. She looked me up and down and said ‘you're smaller than you think′…. I told her I was in the process of losing some weight so in all honesty I wasn’t sure what size I am. She handed me a two sizes, both smaller than what I am currently wearing and said ‘trust me… go try these’. I tried on the bigger size first, figuring perhaps maybe I was getting close to that size and it would probably be a bit snug. It not only fit, but it was actually a bit big!! What the hell? I walked out of the fitting room for some feedback and was told I looked fabulous, not just by the sales girls but by another customer. It has been years since I walked out of a fitting room looking for feedback. Normally I don’t even try things on, I take them home so I can humiliate myself in private and refund them later if no good. It was gaping a bit on the bust but I figured I could put a pin in it and all would be well. For a laugh I decided to try on the smaller size and well you could have knocked me down with a feather, holy-mother-of-gawd it fit! I took a picture of myself and texted it a friend to ask if I looked ridiculous. She wrote back straight away saying wow, what size is that!! I was beaming as I typed in the size and hit send!! Now I know I was in a big girls shop, and the dress was a stretchy material but man, what a confidence boost and one I really needed. Roll on some more kg loss!!! Oh and just to top it off, it was half price too! BARGAIN!!!

I would share a pic but I am pretty sure I'm gonna wear it next week so I'll keep it under wraps and share some after the wedding. xx


  1. Can't wait to see the photo! Show's you all your hard work is worth it! xx

  2. I want to see the pic too! How exciting!


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