Thursday, 23 February 2012

girls and their hair

When I was a child I had really long hair. My hair is very thick and unruly, so when long it's rather like a horses mane. I have many childhood memories relating to my hair, and they're not all good. Sunday night was hair washing night where I would scream the neighbourhood down. I endured endless head lice treatments with that teeny tiny fine tooth comb. My hair was often pulled back so tight and piled on top of my head that I endured headaches and often nearly passed out in the sun at school assembly. One time my younger brother drove his remote control car into my hair as I lay on the floor.... and as I ran around screaming, he spun the wheels more just to make sure it was properly lodged in my hair. I would whimper and cry out when my Mum brushed my hair, especially with a comb or a hard toothed brush and the more I complained the more I got whacked in the head with said comb or brush and told 'I'll give you something to cry about'.... sigh. These days that treatment would result in DOCs being ever present in your life.

As an adult, my hair went grey very early and I feel like I am forever having it coloured. Boring brown mind you but still, it aint cheap. I don't feel like I'm dressed for an occasion without my hair being blow dried by a professional. A good hair style definitely completes an outfit. When I am a millionaire I am so getting my own personal hairdresser. Two daughters plus my own obsession is not going to be kind to the purse, perhaps I should start saving now??

My oldest daughter, Missy Moo who is a mere 18 months has a glorious head of blonde curls, some call it strawberry blonde but I like blonde. For no reason other than my own selfish thoughts, I really don't want her to be a red head and if she is, then be a sexy auburn colour. Hubby's mum had very red hair and seeing all 3 of my kids seem to take after that side of the family, well so far it appears I'm screwed. I'm yet to have her hair cut as a. there has been no need, b. I don't want to cut her curls off, c. I don't want to and d. I really don't want to. Over the last few days though I've noticed she has been pushing her hair out of her face so I started wondering. Then I saw the last lot of photos I took of her and yes, she definitely needs her fringe trimmed at least. So off we went. She sat in Daddy's arms, was caped up and looked up, with big innocent eyes, at the zero personality hairdresser.... 3 snips, no tears and $10 (yes really!!!) later and Missy Moo looks so much older, sniff. I being the sad, pathetic, over bearing mother I am, took photos and asked for her hair so I can keep it. Personality plus grunted at me and shot me odd looks as I did this but meh, who cares. And will I go back there again? Hell to the no! They can shove their $10 fringe chop sideways.


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