Sunday, 12 February 2012

the power of the internet

The power of the internet never fails to amaze me. Tonight my father in law mentioned to my husband that he loves reading my blogs. He's almost 70, lives in England and is not what you'd call tech savvy, not to mention I have never spoken to that side of my family about my blog. I believe he got wind of it through my sister in law's facebook page. However he knows about it, I'm glad he reads it and enjoys it.

My step mother, in her 60s and fairly tech savvy I must admit, also reads it. As do many friends and friends of friends.... my little blog, my place to vent and share my life, record my life so my baby exhausted, alcohol frazzled brain has no reason not to remember all the important stuff.... it's being read, by real people??

I've recently become addicted to an iphone app called Instagram. All the young and hip folk out there will say I'm a bit behind the times but meh, I got there in the end. You should check it out if you have an iphone, truly truly addictive... the creativity and photographic eye on some people is amazing, not to mention all the cute pics of cute kids! Anyway, like facebook or twitter, you opt to 'follow' people and see the photos they post. I've had requests from 15 year old boys from Sweden? From a user called 'i like boys' with nothing but what can only be described as gay porn pictures? Promply rejected those requests! And requests from mums all over the world, those I happily accept. We give each other parenting advice, yes really! And at 3am when I have a crying toddler or can't sleep after waking for whatever reason, there is a whole new arm of people awake and online at the same time as me, ready to chat, share pics and talk rubbish. Just what the insomniac needs!! And people have read my blog from there! Amazing!

I participated in an online auction over the last few days and was lucky to win the one item I really wanted. A mini-makeover for my blog! Watch this space as I'm excited to see what my prize entails! The auction was for a wonderful woman who recently lost her husband, mere months after they buried their son. Can you imagine? I don't know this woman but her story really got to me. I would be devastated to go through something like that yet she has shared her story with the world at large, and managed to do so with dignity and grace. I admire her strength and know her 3 little boys are lucky to have such a strong mother. Lisa's story can be read on her blog, Lisa King. She truly is just amazing. A friend, and fellow blogger, Naomi was shattered by Lisa's news and decided to help. Not only did she set up an online donation process which I believe has raised some $32,000 so far, she then went onto set up an online auction with businesses far and wide donating products and services and all proceeds are to go to the King Family. The auction raised another $12,000 plus! Can you believe how generous people are being? I think it would be great if Naomi could take Lisa's story to a national TV program and then let's see how much we could raise for the King Family. Naomi is a busy mumma to 7 cherubs, yes 7, so its not like she's got loads of free time on her hands... but you see thats the power of beautiful people using the internet. Feel free to check out Naomi's inspiring and beautiful blog; Seven Cherubs

I got an email from Herman tonight, a poor man in Nigeria (or somewhere) who is stuck, the poor bugger, with $96 million dollars and would like to share it with me. All I need to do is send him my full name, address and phone number. I of course replied straight away with the obligatory details, I mean how could I ignore such a plight? I'm awaiting my share of millions and perhaps you'll never hear from me again. After all, imagine how many pairs of shoes I could buy with that money? Not to mention the one way ticket to an exotic island complete with buff bodied man servants at my beck and call, while I sip cocktails and wear fabulous shoes. Personal hair dresser ready and waiting to serve me.... *sigh*

Yes, the power of the internet is truly mind boggling, used for good it's a wonderful and beautiful thing. Used for evil by scumbags like Herman, just disgusting. Mind you I still don't understand how people get seriously sucked in to these email scams in the first place?? The grammar alone in the email was enough to make me hit the delete button.

Share my blog, go on, tell a friend - I dare you. And I promise to continue using the internet for good and not evil.... most of the time xx


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