Saturday, 11 February 2012

wearing big boy pants

It rained most of today so seeing we were stuck inside I decided to bring out the big boy pants for Monkey Man and see how we went. He's 2.5yo and showing no signs or interest in toilet training yet but I figured why not seize the opportunity to try. I've read articles and heard stories about parents who put their kids into undies and wham! toilet training done! I can wish right?? I had some big girl pants ready for Missy Moo too, even though I'm fairly confident she isn't ready for toilet training yet. Neither are saying they need to go, the potty is treated like a toy and ridden around the house like a horse or as a hat, and both are happy to stay in wet or dirty nappies for hours. I'm not bothered, I'm not feeling they 'should' be toilet trained, especially not Little Miss who is only 18mo but hey, what's the harm in trying right? And as for both at once, well you see my little people are fairly joined at the hip and I knew if he had big boy pants, she would want big girl pants too. And I was right, so into big pants they went. And as a side note, how cute do toddlers look in little teeny undies!!  Hubby and I both explained that they needed to tell us if they needed to do wee wees, and we'd take them to the loo or onto the potty. Both nodded in agreement and ran around showing each other their undies, much excitement was had. Within maybe ten minutes we had our first accident, Missy Moo wee'd all over the floor. She wasn't bothered much, we cleaned it up and put clean undies on. Monkey Man did it minutes later, I'm sure to prove he could. Within a couple of hours both were into their 5th pair of undies and I was getting a new roll of paper towel out. No big deal, we explained it was an accident and they just needed to tell us when they needed to go. Each wee in the undies however proved more upsetting for each of them. I suspect this was made worse by being tired but rather than push the point we will simply try again in a bit. No rush, and they will get it when they're ready. And tomorrow the big undies go back into the cupboards, minus those in the wash, and I will mop our floors...A part of me thinks it would be great to have both of them toilet trained together, get it over in one go so to speak but the sensible part of me screams why double my work and stress and mopping?? haha we'll just see how we go.


  1. To reduce the number of floor accidents I literally set a timer in the first two weeks.. Roughly every 45 minutes I'd stick him on.. After about a week he started to figure out when he needed to go.. In fact speak of the devil.. He's just getting the potty now!


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