Tuesday, 7 February 2012

3 kids immunised at once. Crazy?

My monkeys are all due for needles so rather than delay or stagger the process, I decided to suck it up and took them today, by myself. Surprisingly it went quite well. I was really expecting dramas, and I went armed with goodies like lollipops and freddos, ready for battle... Every parent knows the magical cure-alls that work for their kids! I told them all morning we were going to the Drs and we were going to have needles, and they had to be brave. If they were brave and were both very good we would go to a cafe for a yummy lunch. As we pulled into the carpark, Monkey Man started telling Missy Moo 'we at drs' and 'we get needles and then some yummys'... have I mentioned how much I love the age of 2.5! It's seriously awesome, the conversations we have, he understands basically everything I say and watching the imaginative play, ohhhh my heart just swells and my ovaries ache! Anyway! So Little Miss was strapped to me in the baby bjorn, Monkey Man and Missy Moo were in the pram and off we went. We copped lots of stares and a few 'you've got your hands full' or similar comments in the two minute walk to the clinic, so far it was business as usual. Into the smallest waiting room ever with my bus of a pram and of course its packed. We stood in the doorway as the electronic doors opened and shut right behind me, clearly my ass was setting the sensors off. Oh well. The receptionist continued her personal conversation for at least another 5 mins, if not more. I silently cursed her and prayed that the nurse was on time. Monkey Man took great delight in knocking on the pathology room door, no doubt making those inside jump - fingers crossed there was no blood tests going on! Thankfully the nurse actually came out and called us in before the silly cow receptionist even ended her call. After a few people had to move in order for us to get through in we went. Everyone was weighed and measured, then jabbed one by one, Little Miss, then Monkey Man and finally Missy Moo. The older two watched their baby sister get her jabs and weren't bothered. Maybe they didn't realise they were up next? All 3 did cry, but there was no severe melt downs and frankly I've seen alot better performances from both Monkey Man and Missy Moo. Both were rewarded with a lollipop which stopped the tears in their tracks, Little Miss was given and dummy and she too stopped crying, everyone was happy again. My baby girl is 6 months old and 9.2kg so no wonder she feels so heavy! I then did as promised and took them to a cafe for lunch. We encountered a slight hiccup with the waitress who didn't seem to understand why I'd need two high chairs, what was confusing about it I don't know? She even asked me 'if anyone else was joining me?' ummm no. We were seated next to a table of women who were so noisy, which wasn't a bad thing as I could sternly say names and put that down, don't do that, don't hit each other etc without the whole place hearing me, hahaha. The promised yummy meal was delivered, good old nuggets and chips - Monkey Man ate the nuggets, Missy Moo ate the chips, and a milkshake was shared and all was well. I cut up chips and nuggets while feeding Little Miss in the pram and was feeling very super mum like. The waitress came back and asked me three times if I was ordering for myself but I reassured her I didn't have a spare hand so there was no point. I'm proud of myself for resisting the yummy things on the menu. Come on weight loss!! I felt the eyes of judgement on me, ie how many kids has she got, what is she feeding them etc etc but quite frankly I couldn't care less. They have a treat every now and again and I did promise it today, and yes I have 3, close together. Meh, your problem, not mine. I'm not a total feral, I did clean the table when the kids were done. I really do try to do that as often as I can, I mean my kids make a 'bit' of a mess, I've worked in hospitality and it's not nice to clean up kids mess, hell I'm a Mum and cleaning up kids mess is bloody annoying, especially as you gotta do it multiple times a day! Sometimes the kids are screaming the place down, there's a bottle or poonami situation etc and well you just gotta run to the nearest parents room or the car. Sincere apologies in advance to any restaurant or cafe we leave in a state! We re-loaded the pram and I got Monkey Man to jump on the skateboard so Little Miss could continue to sleep and off to Woolies we went. A few grocery bits were obtained, working off the list in my head and I only forgot one thing, woot! Monkey Man babbled on, telling me every item he saw as we went through the aisles so with his running commentary I'm shocked I only forgot one thing. We went through the check-out and the lady said to me 'oh you've got your hands full'... I politely smiled and said 'yes, I do'. She then asked 'are they all yours?' and seemed genuinely, genuinely shocked when I said yes. Hmmmmm is it really that unimaginable? Really?
Crazy morning, and I'm totally knackered so thank gawd they've all gone down for a nap so I can recharge. And I'm glad I'm getting thinner and fitter so I can handle these outings better as they're only gonna get harder as they get older.


  1. You are a wonderful inspirationn, I'm not a mum yet but if I can be half the loving, funny mum you are I will be happy xxx

  2. awww thankyou Kylie... I'm just doing the best I can as all mummas do, you just gotta carry on right! xx

  3. you do have your hands full but sounds like you are dealing with it so easily. good on you


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