Thursday, 9 February 2012

Daily Dilemmas

On a daily basis I face many dilemmas, mostly parenting ones. I often wonder if I'm alone even though I know I'm not. I know other mums face food refusal, tantrums, mess, sickness, attitude, nappy explosions and a never ending mountain of washing... I am dealing with all of this at once, and in multiples of 3 and at times it seems there is no end in sight. I'm not whinging, just venting I spose. Out of all the daily dilemmas facing this mumma, the one that kills me, just KILLS me is mess. Both my hubby and I try to tidy up before we go to bed, I really detest waking up to mess although Mt Foldmore is ignored more times than I care to admit. I HATE watching Missy Moo throw food on the floor, or rub it into her hair. I get so frustrated when I clean and within minutes it's destroyed. Truth be told it often feels that I have 4 children as my husband is the worst offender and he knows it too! I know I'm not alone in those thoughts either, go on admit it. Quite often it feels like the effort is for nothing... I find myself sighing, swearing under my breath and well having complete brain snaps inside my head many times a day, seven days a week!

some examples of what I'm dealing with:



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