Monday, 31 October 2011

blaming it on the boogie

On Saturday night I went to a hens night. It was my first night out in a few years and I had a great time! We went local, to a pub I used to venture to in my youth - and back then it was full of pretentious idiots that used to stand around posing at each other. On a night out all I want to do is have a few drinks, a few laughs and a good dance. Well Saturday was just that, and the crowd was alot more varied in age than it used to be, alot less posers and more people with a similar party attitude to mine. Although there was a hair straightener and phone chargers for hire in the loos?? Just how long has it been since I went out?? I did well though, I stayed out and danced til 2am. It was about that time when the surroundings made me realise yes I am old, yes it's been a while and no, I don't wanna snog some random bloke in the middle of the dance floor just for kicks and giggles. And thankgod I wore flats as I am too old and out of practice to dance all night in heels anymore. Yes, I'm ready to go home now, to my king size bed with my snoring husband and 3 beautiful babies sleeping peacefully, all waiting for me. I want to go back to my reality now and look forward to the wedding in a months time, where we will have our first night away from the kids, ever! Now if only I could find something to wear??

Come Sunday, I was so thankful and proud of myself for not getting totally blind as Missy Moo whinged all day long. I suspect more teeth are coming, or maybe another ear infection? Gawd no! Monkey Man has his 2yo molars giving him grief as he's constantly shoving his whole hand in his mouth. This morning he told me his teeth hurt so there must be something happening there. The joys of teething.

Can't believe it's 8 wks or something ridiculous like that til Xmas. Haven't bought a single gift, and am feeling very 'head in the sand' about the whole thing. Really must pull my finger out, just not today when I'm still tired and have a massive sinus headache, which turned into a migraine from hell. Is it possible to get a hangover two days later?? You would have laughed seeing my place today around lunchtime. All the blinds were shut, the kids had some stupid show on the TV but it was turned down low and I pretty much lay on the lounge suffering. I willed the kids to be quiet or to go away, or the pain in my head to go away, whichever was quickest!! Thankfully its now back to a dull ache and after I've fed Little Miss I'm hoping to sleep the rest off.


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