Monday, 4 June 2012

10 months old today

Little Miss is 10 months old today, which means that in exactly 2 months I will have a 1 year old. Technically I will have two 1 year olds as Missy Moo doesn't turn 2 until the following day.

It's easy to make comparisons between my monkeys, especially my girls being exactly a year apart but also have been one after the other. For instance, I kept all of Missy Moo's clothes for our next baby. When I found out I was pregnant again, despite HAVING to know the gender ASAP with both my first 2 babies, I was determined this one be a surprise. So I kept all the pink little things I had. When Little Miss was born I was thrilled I'd get to use them all on another baby. Well turns out this one doesn't do hand me downs, as she's longer and bigger than her sister was. The winter pants are all capri length and the sleeves finish at her elbows, and as for dresses - too tight rough the middle! So at much expense I've had to replace everything.

By the time Missy Moo was 10 mths she was bum shuffling around the house, refusing to crawl, screaming the house down whenever she was put on or made her way onto her tummy. She was only happy upright. Little Miss is EXACTLY the same.

Missy Moo at ten months was standing, unaided. In fact she was most indignant if you tried to help her. Monkey Man was walking at this stage so to have had two girls take things a bit slower than he did has been refreshing. Little Miss is standing if you hold her hands, she's not far off not needing any help and is trying to pull herself up on anything she can get her hands on.

Both girls have given us a hard time with eating at this age. They want to feed themselves so desperately, I presume because they eat with older siblings who do but it's such a messy process. I have to give them something they can feed themselves, which inevitably ends up on the floor and as they try to shove that in I quickly sneak a spoonful of vegies or the like in so I can be sure they are actually getting some food. And by the end of the meal we both end up covered in food.

Little Miss is into everything, she's lunging, grabbing and pulling things down, she's chomping on everything with her 4 little teeth. She's especially partial to chewing on shoes, which is so grose! All 3 of my kids have been into this. Why I'll never know. Talk about yuck! Loves to chew on shoes but won't leave shoes, or socks, on for love nor money. The first of my three to really do this. Monkey Man and Missy Moo just accepted shoes and socks and that was the end of it. This business of pulling them off and me having to back track through a shopping centre or around the block to find a discarded shoe, sock or toy is fairly new to me.

Books are a big favourite, and all 3 have been and still are into books in a big way. Both girls are really only allowed to play with board or cloth type books at this age though as otherwise its a shred fest.

Comparitively she'll be rear facing in the car the longest out of the three. Not sure why as she's ready to be turned and certainly meets the height and weight requirements. Perhaps laziness on my part?? Perhaps subconsciously I'm keeping her a baby as long as I can?

When both Monkey Man and Missy Moo hit ten months old I was about to have another baby. I was huge, slow and uncomfortable and found it hard to get down on the floor and play games or read stories with them. We managed, I made adjustments in order to get on with it but it was so hard. This time around I'm not pregnant (woohoo!) and I'm also a good few kgs lighter so things are different. Monkey Man, Missy Moo and I crawl around on the floor and show Little Miss what to do, we rumble and wrestle and cuddle, I can get up and down easily, even with a child in my arms. It's truly amazing what a difference a year makes. This time next year I will be about to have a 2,3 and 4 year old and I definitely won't be pregnant! I wonder what the year ahead holds for us.

Happy 10 months Little Miss, oh what trouble these big blue eyes are going to give us in the future:



  1. Awww. Lovely post. Denial from me about their age! Keep a spare set of socks and shoes in the car - I have two removers here, will let you know what age they grow out of it when Miss 2 stops doing it!


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