Tuesday, 12 June 2012

have a break

My toddlers, Monkey Man (almost 3) and Missy Moo (almost 2) are currently feasting on a chocolate bunny each. Chocolate is a failsafe bribe here and for some reason, it's doubly exciting when said chocolate is in a foil wrapper? I've bought myself 5 minutes of peace and quiet by bribing them with chocolate.

Why have I bribed them, apart from needing a break and some quiet - even if its just for a few minutes? Well you see I'm trying to read a magazine I've had sitting gathering dust for two weeks now. I bought it for one article and said article has since caused alot of controversy so I am doubly curious now - its my equivalent of a chocolate bunny! Every.bloody.time I try to read this magazinge there is a brawl to break up or a toddler on my lap wanting to 'read too' or a child to feed/change/soothe/play with/teach etc. Sometimes these kids really get in the way of what I want to do, you know what I mean?? Kids are SO selfish!

It's mid June and we still have easter eggs here. Surely we can't be the only household with easter eggs 2 months after easter?

Make no mistake, I am fully aware I will pay for this indulgence very shortly. . .  lucky dinner tonight is stir fry and everything is ready to go. I did a load of washing and have tended to kids all day, what more do you want from me?



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