Thursday, 21 June 2012

me vs the toy sales

These toy sales are bloody crazy. The retailers are trying to be all clever and move alot of it online - of course they've underestimated the demand and their websites are crashing left right and centre. People are abusing the retailers on their facebook pages, in store, over the phone. People are crazy!

In previous years the stores have opened at midnight and its been a trolley dash, with crazy women in packs throwing toys into trolleys, pushing, shoving, splitting up with one joining the check out queue while another joins the lay-by queue and a third charges around the shop grabbing toys like a madman. This was NOT my scene and I avoided it, completely. I also wondered what the fcuk was wrong with people willing to participate in such madness. I was not going out at midnight for anyone! How bloody stupid!

This year they put alot of it online, and I was tempted, maybe even slightly interested annnnd then they introduced a VIP sale. Oh you know I had to get in on that!! So I got the kids to bed and off I went to the VIP sale and whilst it was busy it wasn't out of control. There was alot of staff, and alot of customers but it seemed quite calm. Then I saw the longest lay-by queue ever. I had been in the store for a while, had a loaded trolley and was determined to see it through to the end. I've always been stubborn. So I joined that queue and there I stood. I was rammed by trolleys, I was talked over as it appears I was in between two women that knew each other, I had dinosaurs and lego fall on me from surrounding trolleys. The queue split into 3 and of course I joined the slowest queue. And.there.I.stood! And fcuking stood! I was foot sore, hungry, and completely over it. I couldn't tell you how long I stood there for but it felt like forever. People around me had whinging crying kids with them, one had a brand new baby asleep in her arms and was pushing a loaded trolley with her finger tips - I suspect she is responsible for the dinosaur smashing my ankle but you know, she was doing the best she could.

I came home and had some dinner at 9.30 at night, while I whinged to my hubby about the crazy women I'd just been with. Lucky for him he chose to politely not point out that I was indeed one of said crazy women. He's a keeper. In true nut case form, I then stayed up and counted down the minutes til the online sale started at midnight. What the fcuk is wrong with me? Of course, they had technical issues and it didn't come online at 12. I decided to give it some more time, and waited. and waited. After hitting the refresh button a million times (told you I was stubborn), I gave up just before 1am. What a bloody idiot I am, seriously.

Definitely not how I imagined spending my Wednesday night, or any other night for that matter. I'm exhausted. I gave up sleep I desperately needed. For toys we have too many of. On a website that still wasn't working at 7am this morning. Fcuk!! Thankfully my kids slept til 6.30 which pre-kids is equivalent to a 10am sleep in, you know? So I stayed up and didnt get my christmas toys so I'm a cranky bitch today. The kids won't co-operate, they've trashed the joint, spilt milk and water all over the place, I had 3 poop situations to deal with - one after the other. Blurgh! I want a do-over, I want to start today again!



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