Tuesday, 19 June 2012

the voices in my head

Have you ever listened to yourself? Heard what you say to your kids? The way you say it AND what you actually say? Today I've made a conscious effort to actually listen to what I say - note, I've not thought about it before I've said it but you know, just tried to hear the things I say... this has been my day today (in no particular order):
  • get your hand out of your pants
  • yes your bits are still there, I don't need to see them and you don't need to show them to us
  • get down off the book shelf
  • get out of the toy box
  • get out of the pantry
  • sandwiches do not need to be rubbed into your hair
  • sandwiches will not fit in, nor do they go in the DVD player
  • if you throw yourself over the lounge, it WILL hurt
  • stop hitting
  • give it back
  • dont take it
  • dont do it
  • is your willy pointing down?
  • pull your undies up before trying to pull your pants up
  • no undies dont go on your head
  • no undies dont go on my head
  • get off the arm of the lounge
  • no you cant have easter egg for breakfast
  • because I said so
  • because I said so, thats why
  • when you earn some money you can choose what food we buy
  • give the baby back her cup/cheese/book/ball
  • if you hate being on your tummy so much why do you keep getting down there?
  • dont pull hair
  • can we pack up some toys before getting more out?
  • sit on the wall
  • no you can't have a bottle as you're almost 3
  • right, everyone has food and drink, mummy is going for a wee. Dont call me, I'll call you.
  • why would you bite your own finger?
  • for some reason you chose not to sleep, and now we all suffer....
Alot of this was yelled, or at the very least said with a raised voice. Some with absolute hysteria - I'll leave it upto you to decide which was which. I'm pretty over today. Sometimes I have to really scream to get a response or at least a pause in behaviour. Sometimes there is no choice - like when the kid is running into traffic!

I'm really looking forward to life adjusting, to everyone getting used to the new norm for us which includes work and daycare. I'm actually considering doing this challenge as I'm over yelling, I just want a peaceful existence. Being perfectly realistic, they dont really listen to me anyway so why do I bother? Or maybe the point is I'm not loud enough? I might just invest in a megaphone to save losing my voice from yelling?

 Anyone else yelling alot, or am I alone?



  1. ahahah - I love this list! I say (yell) a lot of it myself day to day. I'm working on my raised voice but some times I feel like it's the only way to get the point across that I'm 100% serious.


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