Friday, 8 June 2012

red undies maketh the man

Monkey Man is growing up. I know its inevitable but he's my baby, my first born and will always be my little baby... he's also my only boy so its all special in a different way.

Today he went to daycare in undies. He'll be 3 in 5 weeks so is probably a bit behind in the whole toilet training malarky. I don't mind to be honest, and was determined not to pressure him or rush him. Toilet training, like many parenting topics seems to raise so much debate. Some people have told me he's too old to be in nappies, others have said don't even start til he's 3. Alot have said boys are harder to train than girls, slower rather than harder... me, well I've chosen to listen to him and go from there, when I believe he's ready.

He's been using the toilet at daycare for a while now, maybe 6 weeks, but at home its been pretty hit and miss. He tells me he wants to go but then nothing happens. The last week we've been faced with massive screaming sobbing performances at bathtime when he wants to sit on the loo for an hour rather than have a bath. I think its him feeling and understanding the urge to go and I guess its a pretty foreign feeling. The performances have been pretty trying, and stressful for everyone and we're hoping they don't last much longer. I reached out to some mum friends for advice and as a result, I decided to call time on nappies and move to the toilet. We cuddled on the lounge and spent the afternoon reading 'The Boys Toilet Book' complete with a noisy 'flush' button which was pressed 55 million times. We talked about how it was time for him to be a big boy and wear undies like Daddy, and use the toilet. And today, we put the Monkey Man in undies. He was somewhat proud of himself and strutted into daycare with a big smile. He then told the teachers he had red undies on. Nawwwww.

So how did he do? Monkey Man did good! He had no accidents and came home with only one pair of wet pants, despite me sending him to school with 5 pairs of trousers and 10 pairs of undies - don't ask my logic there? The wet ones happened once he was on the loo as I think he forgot to point the *ahem* persicope down. It's early days but we're making progress and hello, what a great start!

I am so proud of him and just love watching him grow and change. We have our moments, we butt heads, we're both stubborn and determined which makes for interesting times. He screamed at me this evening and got made to sit on the wall. He continued to scream while he sat there and once he got it out of his system he came and said 'sorry for being silly', totally unprompted which was just gorgeous. Hearing him say 'love you mummy' is the best thing ever and takes away any dramas or frustration from earlier. I'm proud of the little man he is becoming, although I am a little sad to see less and less of my little baby when I look at him and I will never forget those giant thighs he had.

How old was your baby when they toilet trained? Was it a difficult process? Were you lucky and have an easy run of it all?

Disclaimer: my baby boy's birthday is rapidly approaching, I'm going back to work, I'm sad and feeling a healthy dose of mother guilt too - please excuse my soppy posts of late . . .  normal posting will resume post hast



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