Saturday, 9 June 2012

where is the green poo?

WARNING: This is all about toilet training so stop reading if you're easily grossed out, or its just not your thing.

We spent the day at home today in an attempt to get this toilet training business under control. Monkey Man was most happy to be in his big boy undies, and the next pair which were required about 15 minutes later. I know it's a learning curve but I am so grateful to have floorboards and not carpet!

There was quite a few undie, socks and pants changes required today, so many I thanked my instinct that I went and bought half a dozen pairs of cheap trackies on Thursday night. Still had to wash the lot though in preparation for tomorrow.

We were playing outside when I smelt something familiar.
I asked him had he done a poo and he said 'no'
I asked again and he said 'NO!'
I asked again and he said 'no but I did a wee'.
I checked and yes he had wet AND poo'd, in a big way.
No big deal, no panic as 'accidents happen'...we went off to sort it out.

As I started cleaning him up I couldn't help but notice it was bright green. What the?? I then remembered at daycare yesterday they made green rice bubble snacks for earth day or something or other, and clearly I was the lucky recipient of the aftermath. There was no way it could be removed discreetly, green mess was everywhere. Monkey Man noticed and started commenting, loudly and clearly 'wow mummy its green', 'mummy look my poo is green', 'its really really reallllly green' between fits of laughter, I cleaned him up and the whole mess, undies included went in the bin.

I was telling a friend about this whole episode and she commented that we live in such a disposable world these days, and how she is fishing poop out of her daughters undies all the time. She thought I should have washed the undies. I've bought him cheap undies that can be thrown away if needed for moments just like these. No characters on them, nothing fancy, just 10 pairs for $6 or something stupid like that. Call me psychic but during the early days of toilet training I forsee lots of poop in the pants and unless its a solid one that can be easily removed and all evidence washed out, then I will be chucking the soiled undies out. Maybe that makes me wasteful but I figure with 3 babies at once, 3 in nappies, and 3 kids to toilet train I will have and will be seeing my fair share of poop for a while yet. . . I reserve the right to chuck out a few pairs of shitty undies. Green or otherwise, if there is messy poop in the pants, the pants are going!

I've had green poop flashbacks all day and will probably never see the book 'Where Is The Green Sheep' the same way again . .  . I'm traumatised by the green poop.

I did contemplate not writing this buuuut if I don't then I'm likely not to remember, although my chances of forgetting green poop are slim to none . . . and the whole reason I started this blog was to remember things about my kids. Maybe one day I can turn this into a book for my kids, and embarrass them and their partners, and their kids - hmmm the possibilities are endless *insert evil laugh here*. What else can I write??



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