Friday, 15 June 2012

toddlers on a high

The other day I confessed to bribing my toddlers with a chocolate bunny each.... It bought me 5 mins of quiet, and in fact it bought me the ONLY quiet of the day. Anyway, I knew I would pay for it, and boy did I pay for it....

About fifteen minutes after the chocolate was consumed I had two yoga posing toddlers on my hands:

then I had running toddlers:

who fell down and laughed at themselves:

then the ab crunches started - trust me they dont get this shit from me:

then tackles, ahem, I mean cuddles started:

then some more running:

and thennnnnn they jumped on me:

All of the above was done to hysterical laughter, screeching and very loud talking.... bedtime was a nightmare, and of course I was solo. Bloody chocolate bunnies - still worth the 5 minutes quiet though



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