Wednesday, 6 June 2012

are you proud?

Today has been  . . . .  loud. It's pretty feral outside so three little monkeys are trapped inside with me, one feral mummy complete with potato splatter all over my white top after peeling spuds and a shocking case of wind chapped lips and hormonal break outs. Being a chick sux sometimes. The word feral pretty much sums us up right now.

Anyway! My three monkeys are stuck inside and are going fairly stir crazy. We've done play dough, drawing, cars, baking, read books, played hide and seek (the toddler version), jumped, danced and watched a few DVDs. This morning the DVD player decided to have a stroke, freezing constantly and at the 55th millionth scream from the kids to 'fix this mummy!!' I decided to switch it off. I've been told to put Buzz on, George on, Nemo on, Monsters on only eleventy billion times today and I've explained every.single.time that I can't. Clearly the message is not computing. It's been a loud and long day.

While they had dinner tonight the noise was, as per usual, epic. Cups and plates were banged, food was thrown, food was refused... in other words it was a normal mealtime here. Once they'd decided they were done I quickly started the washing up. From the kitchen I watched Little Miss start this 'maaah maaaah' type chant, it was loud and bloody annoying to be honest. Soon enough Monkey Man and Missy Moo started telling her to stop it: 'stop it baby!', 'no maah maaah baby' both of which were also loud. and ignored. Within minutes all three were laughing and all doing the maaah maaah noise. Oh my head!! Just before I told them enough was enough, Monkey Man looked at me with his big blue eyes and said
'Are you proud Mummy?'

. . . .  seriously?

Yes I am proud, in fact I couldn't be prouder of these three little monkeys. They're a handful, they're demanding, they're cheeky, they're inquisitive, they're a fulltime job but they're my greatest achievements and they're all mine. Well mine and hubbys but you get the idea. They're mine and I couldn't be prouder to be their Mum. As much as my head was banging and my potato bake was most likely burning while I tended to their needs, I wasn't bothered in the slightest. Sometimes, just sometimes you have moments like these that remind you this mummy gig is totally worth the pain and the noise, the non stop, always loud noise. . .



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