Friday, 22 June 2012

you take a photo

A few weeks back I got a new toy, and while I still have so much to learn on it, I am seriously enjoying my DSLR. My kids have even started telling me 'you take a photo' and commencing a series of poses straight after... they only stand still for a millisecond and then want to 'see, see!!' the photo so I have to be quick! I'm on the eternal search for the perfect photo of the 3 of them together, you know - the Mum's holy grail: where they all look at the camera, at the same time, and smile at the same time with no stupid faces, tongue poking, crazy hair in sight. The more kids I have, the more unachievable this challenge seems to be. Me thinks it's gonna be a long search for this photo.

So when Monkey Man tells me to 'take a photo' I do. These are the lessons I learnt:

1. taking a shot of Monkey Man and Missy Moo teaching Little Miss how to crawl (which she finally did for the first time today!!) looks like they're attacking me. Because they are!

2. Monkey Man never fails to find an awkward and weird position to get into - toddlers are bendy!

3. My children are extremely loving towards each other and 'cuddle' alot - when they're not fighting like animals

4. It's really hard to take a decent 'selfy' with my new toy - add a wriggly baby to the shot and its near impossible

5. Missy Moo is a poser - hello $$ in my future! Little Miss likes to see your face so you've gotta line up the shot and then pop out to 'see' her in order to get a smile and Monkey Man needs to work on his 'cheese' face

6. Little Miss is fast becoming not so little *sad face*

7. Monkey Man is almost 3 but still has those chubby toddler hands going on, nawwww

8. Missy Moo has THE BEST SMILE

9. Little Miss is rather fond of her toes

10. trying out the self timer mode on the camera is fun, but totally hilarious when your almost 3yo drops a big fart and falls over laughing!!



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