Wednesday, 13 June 2012

getting my betty crocker on

As July draws closer, my anxiety and stress levels are getting higher and higher. You see, here in the three under 3 household July marks the beginning of birthday bonanza and I am in serious planning mode. My birthday kicks off the season, Monkey Man is ten days later, Little Miss two weeks later and Missy Moo the following day. Hubby rounds off the season a week after that. Mine and hubbys birthdays dont really mean much these days although we've both agreed to celebrate our 40th birthdays in a few years - his before mine of course, being the old fart that he is.

In true tight arse behaviour, or smart mummy behaviour - depending on which way you look at it - a combined party is in the works. I figure it's all the same friends and family we'd invite to all three parties and I can hardly ask that of them, and most importantly I can't be assed to throw three parties. My kids, chatty and demanding as they are, are not old enough to have proper opinions or know any better re this stuff yet so I am taking full advantage of this for as long as possible. One party it is! Plus I'm stressed enough about one party, so there is NO way in hell I'd be doing three.

We're having a rainbow party theme which is very popular it appears  - just google and you'll see what I mean. The more time I spend online, the more things I find that I want. My 'favourites' folder is bursting at the seams and my head is constantly milling with all sorts of ideas. I keep finding more and more but there's only one problem - I don't have the time, money nor talent to implement most of them. Le sigh. Sadly my kids lucked out in the Betty Crocker department, and this Mummy is a bit of a dud. I'll give it a go, and I'll pull something together but it certainly won't be award winning.

I went into a cake supplies shop today and oh wow, if I was feeling overwhelmed before I was officially freaked out now. It was my first time and I wondered between aisles of fondant and piping tips and cake tins for at least an hour. Everything was so foreign and new to me. Who knew there was 10 different shades of white? Who knew there was 20 different size cupcake/muffin cases? Argh! Talk about confusing! I went in with a clear idea and came out completely confused. I've been thinking about it ever since and finally have sorted my thoughts out, I now have a plan of attack. And I won't be going back to that bloody cake shop anytime soon thats for sure!
I spose as long as my cake is better than this, then we'll be winning:

If I get the all important candle placement right, then I'll be doing better than this Mum did:

I know I can spell, so at least I know I won't do this:

mmmm strawberries!

Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post pics of the finished product, good, bad or otherwise!. . .  I know the kids will love whatever I make, and so long as it tastes good then everyone else will be happy.

Now to find some cash for the 55 million things I've pinned for the party!



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