Friday, 22 June 2012

so just how crap do I look?

This morning when I dropped the kids at daycare, 4 out of the 6 teachers there made comments on my appearance. I was asked if I was going out today, told I looked nice etc etc. The compliments were lovely but it made me realise just how crap I must look when I drop them off normally. I was going to work, and its casual Friday so I have jeans, ballet flats and a top/cardy combo thing on - nothing special but I guess the main difference is my hair is done (aka brushed and down, not piled on top of my head) and I have make up on.

This is me right now:
scuse the bathroom pic hahaha

A few weeks ago I had my hair coloured and cut. I was going to a funeral in the afternoon, so I was dressed, and again had some make up on. Note I wasn't getting my hair done to go to a funeral, just worked out that way. The hair dresser commented that 'I looked different, better'... She kept going on; 'had I lost weight or changed my hair colour?' She couldn't work out why I looked so different. Basically she had verbal foot in mouth and everything she said made it worse, the whole conversation had me feeling very dowdy and ugly by the end of it. I finally said 'its because I have make up on', somewhat under my breath and with an exasperated sigh yet the reversed/backhanded compliments kept coming? Seriously, don't you just want to tell people to shut up sometimes!! Stop talking woman! I clearly look like crap when I come in here but you know what, I'm not trying to impress anyone, I am trying to get a task done in a short space of time so lets just get on with it.

I suppose I've realised just how daggy I've become, I've let myself go. GASP!! Back in the day, pre-kids of course, I used to paint my nails every Sunday night. I couldn't stand for chipped nail polish and would once upon a time sneak out of work for a 'meeting' which meant a quick pedicure at my local nail shop. In hindsight, how I thought no one would notice was rather stupid seeing as I'd have to come back to the office wearing thongs?? No one cared though. I used to get my hair blowdried once a week - not because I did but because we had social things on every weekend and I never went to a social event without my hair blow dried. I would never have left the house in track pants or leggings. I would never have worn ugg boots. I brushed my hair every day. I never went to work without make-up on, even if it was only foundation, mascara and lip gloss.

How times have changed. These days I'm lucky to get a quick shower, pile my hair on top of my head, moisturise my face, throw on something functional and practical and go. Staying at home grants me this option and like I said before, I'm not really about impressing people. If we're going somewhere I might brush my hair and pull it back, put some foundation, mascara and lip gloss on but that's as far as I get, and that's normally done with 3 little people hanging off my leg, opening every product in my make-up bag, asking whats this, pouring $40 foundation and loose powder all over the table. Honestly, is it worth it??

Life is busy, life with little kids is busier and messier than I ever imagined it being. Clothes are covered in snot, dribble, food and drink within minutes so why would I bother with something expensive and impractical? I dress the kids in practical and functional stuff so why wouldn't I do the same for me? And I don't see the point in dressing up to drop the kids at daycare or pop out for a loaf of bread - that's just more washing for me in the end!! Besides, at a couple of shopping centres near me, I reckon I could go there in my PJs and no bra and still look better than some of the ferals there!

Don't get me wrong, its fun to dress up and make the effort occasionally but I'm all about doing what I need to, when I need to and saving my energy otherwise.    

How crap do you look when you're at home? Do you dress up for the daycare or school drop off? Do YOU leave the house in ugg boots? Am I the only one to only wash my hair once a week, and sometimes that's a push!



  1. You look gorgeous, honey! They're complimenting you on your fabulous-ness!!

    I'm a dowdy stay at homer. In the morning I get dressed in my workout gear. Come home and on go the trackies and the uggs. I barely wear makeup anymore during the day and I'm forever doing my food shopping in my workout gear. I've got better things to do than primp!


    1. better things to do than primp, I love it and its so bloody true!!


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