Wednesday, 12 October 2011

one of THOSE mothers

Today was/is errand day, I had a few things to get done and a few hours to get them done in before naptime and crankiness set in. Missy Moo decided to wake for the day at 4.30am so threw a spanner in the works and really I should have cancelled errands and stayed home so she could have an early nap. You know when you get an idea in your head and it has to happen there and then?? Well we had an appointment too that I couldn't change so I wasn't completely selfish. Anyway, off we went... both toddlers behaved in the pram while I did what I needed to do. They had morning tea in the pram, I shopped etc, I moved them into high chairs in the food court for some nuggets and chips and people watching. Monkey Man announced to every person that walked past 'daddy at work' and Missy Moo poured water all over herself and rubbed grease into her hair, all while every granny in the place stopped to stickybeak at Little Miss and tell me 'you've got your hands full'... *smile*. We then went to buy shoes for the girls christening next weekend, into what I thought was a cheap shop. $92 later and it turns out it wasnt such a cheap shop after all.... Time was rapidly running out, and Monkey Man had been telling me for half an hour that he's not tired nor does he need a nap. Well didn't he prove otherwise when I took the shoes off him to pay for them. A tantrum from hell broke out, arms and legs flailing, kicking, screaming, throwing, hitting me, throwing his head back. I had Little Miss strapped to me in the baby bjorn during this so it wasn't the easiest thing to deal with physically. I paid for the shoes and strapped him into the pram, and charged through the shopping centre to the car park, with him screaming the entire way. Everyone looked, everyone judged and yes, today I was one of THOSE mothers with an uncontrollable child... but hey, I got my errands done.


  1. Oh honey... we are ALL one of those mothers... Hehehe... Hudson today had a tantie at the shops because the 'wot wots' were holding a concert in the middle of the shopping centre. I should have bloody remembered, but didnt. I had Maya in the ergo and he was free to walk as he's been pretty good of late with the whole no-pram thing.

    Anyway, I was ducking in to pick up a couple of things for dinner and BAM he took off. *sigh* he wiggled his way right to the front and I had to haul him kicking and screaming out of there. I had the whole rugby hold going on and I'm sure I looked like a real nasty mum for not letting her child stay to watch the jabbering wotwots..

    So anyways, point being??? No one knows how quickly a toddler (or 2) can change from angel to devil than a mum or dad.

    Love to you xxx


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