Saturday, 15 October 2011

screaming at the supermarket

I told my husband this morning that I was going to go and do the groceries today, by myself, rather than online. It would be some much needed alone time and surely he'd be ok with the kids, especially if I went at naptime. Sure he says, no worries, I'm all over it - what time do they eat again?? Oh dear, this didn't bode well. The morning went on, he then says to me maybe you should take Monkey Man with you. You can take him for a haircut and then do groceries and I'll manage the girls. This is not my idea of alone time but whatever, thats another blog altogether and he might read my blog occasionally....

Monkey Man and I set off. I parked at one end of the shopping centre with the intent to make him walk to the hairdressers, at the other end, in an effort to tire him out. We get to the hairdressers, after stopping to look at every crack in the pavement, every stone or scrap of rubbish in his path, every shop window looking for 'buzz' or 'cows' - he's two ok! It was a slow walk. Get to the hairdressers, yes no problem but it will be 5-10 minutes wait. Filled in 5 mins by going to the chemist next door and then spent the next 20 (yes really!) minutes trying to occupy him in a hair salon. Of course he wants to run, he wants to climb under and over chairs and play with dryers and clippers and scissors... This was going downhill, rapidly. Just as I was about to pull the pin and say forget it, we were called. Massive tantrum starts as no he wants the other kids chair (occupied) and 'no way!!' is he getting in that chair. Well, there was stern words from me, more tears from him and to stop flailing arms and legs in the salon chair I had to pull out the emergency dummy. Thank gawd I took the nappy bag and not a hand bag which I did consider. He sat still with tears glistening on his face and sucked so hard on that dummy while his hair was cut. Watched the wiggles intently (yay for portable DVD players) and really was well behaved, he just looked ridiculous with a dummy in his mouth. He's two but looks older and I'm sure people in the salon thought he was too old for a dummy. Who cares though! He was quiet and sat still for the entire thing.

We left there, I got him a milkshake and off we went to get groceries. The first part was good, he was happy sucking down the milkshake. That soon ended though and arms started lunging for items on the shelves, throwing himself and the trolley around... time for bribery! So out came a sticker sheet and a note book which bought me a few more aisles. I probably got 2/3 way through the shop when it began. He was tired, it was approaching naptime and we were in a crowded shop. He started creating a fuss as I wouldn't give him something and I can't even remember what it was. And then, well then I took the pen away from him (my pen!) as he was drawing all over his face and putting the pen in his mouth, despite being told not to multiple times. Not a happy toddler!! Massive tantrum started, screaming, yelling, hitting me... the works! I wasn't phased by it but others were... we hurridly finished the shopping and headed home. He screamed the entire way home, which was only ten mins max but felt like forever. I swore today that I will never take him grocery shopping again, well not unless I decided to and its much earlier... I knew it was too late to take him with me but I guess I felt bad leaving my hubby with all 3 and did it anyway. And then I rushed and was stressed thinking of him home alone with the two girls... overall it was an epic fail!

now back to ebay to search for a playpen to protect my xmas tree from the tornado, or should that be protect my kids from the tree??


  1. uurgh they are such ticking time bombs at that age... I have so been there in that situation and yep I am the same, worrying about hubby at home with the littler one, whereas really its me that copped the raw deal!


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