Tuesday, 18 October 2011

highlight of the week... So far

So far it's been an interesting week. Really good weather has helped alot, the kids have been out on the grass and in the sun. I kinda dread Summer as I'm not a massive fan of the scorching heat and all 3 of my munchkins have inherited my white as snow skin that fries like bacon in a pan of butter. The toddlers are gonna want to be outside all day everyday so I foresee lots of tantrums. Luckily they both understand that no hat means no play so that's one less battle be fought.

I've been waiting in multiple parcels to arrive, nearly all of which are for the christening this weekend and all are late - stress I just don't need. Normally parcel mail is fun, this week not so much! I've been working on a photo wall for our house. I measured it, ordered frames, had some idea of what photos to put where and in which frames. The frames arrived and my non-lateral thinking brain was truly tested. Throw in a couple of toddlers calling 'mummy' over and over and over, and well it wasn't a fun experience and I gave up. Decided to call in reinforcements in the form of my hubby who took one look at it and was all over it. Smartass.

The issue of toilet training has come up twice in the last week. The GP we saw last week asked if I was toilet training Monkey Man yet and I said no. She said good, wait til he's a bit older and do both he and Missy Moo at once. Wow, not the response I was expecting. We'll give it a go but I don't know about the idea of trying to toilet train a 18mo girl??
Then I had a lady in the check out queue at Coles ask me how old Monkey Man was and when I said 27 months she then asked how toilet training was going, and seemed horrified I hadn't started.
The whole toilet training issue has come up in my mind a few times and I've questioned whether I'm doing the right thing by not starting. I have to keep referring to a speech I heard by a parenting expert at one of those baby and toddler shows; 'your toddler needs to be able to communicate to you, not necessarily verbally, that they need to go, meaning until they recognise the urge to go there is no point. It stresses them and you out and makes the process 5x longer'. So that's my view and where I'll stay, for now. I will however give the GP's suggestion a go in the summer time and see how it pans out. Pun intended.

And on the subject of toilet training, last night at bath time Monkey Man told me he wanted to wee on the toilet. So I figured I would go with it. Popped Missy Moo in the bath and helped him onto the loo - must get some of those training seats. And there he sat. Nothing happened but he was happy. Everytime he said he was done I'd get him down and then he'd ask to get back on. It became a game. Eventually I said enough now, it's bath time. Turned around to see Missy Moo had poo'd in the bath. Great, just great! Why do they do that? Monkey Man has only done it once and it was only recent. Missy Moo has done it a few times. Last night it went to a whole new level though... She not only picked it up but she ate it. Urgh! I could puke now just thinking about it. Why I ask!?!! What on earth is appealing about that?

The crap is mums have to deal with hey *smile* (yes, that pun was also intended)


  1. Toilet training is a non-issue here. He's been developmentally slower than the norm for everything else, so I'm assuming that he's not going to be tt-ed until he's over three. non-plussed about the whole thing. love the idea about tt-ing your two together. I'd probably wait until Missy Moo is 2 though ;)

    AND EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW at the new development in pooing in the bath. THat's one not to be repeated!! LOL

    (ETA - changed Missy Moo's real name to her nickname... SOrry!)

  2. Eww! Waiting sounds sensible to me - we go on and off again and seriously is wearing thing on me now! I am thinking of just leaving her be til she wants to do it - no point spending my days nagging her to go to the toilet - its not like she'll go to school in nappies, going to get training pants instead - that way is meeting her halfway - no rush in my mind!


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