Wednesday, 12 October 2011

this is the song that never ends

Missy Moo has another ear infection. I swear, it feels like we live at the Drs, and by the way why doesn't Australia have drive thru chemists like they do in the States??? Awesome idea for anyone with some cash and a marketing brain... Anyway!  So yep, she has another ear infection and this is her 5th since March. One more and we head to a specialist - its like a frequent flyers prize!! I felt like telling the GP to give me the referral today as by the time I actually get her the specialist appointment she'll probably be way past the magic number 6... Poor baby, no wonder she's not been sleeping well, crying alot, not eating much and screaming when laying down. Should have known better and taken her to the Drs earlier. I've made an appointment at a specialist childrens Dr for her tomorrow, just to get a second opinion. I just don't understand why (apart from daycare bugs) that she should be getting so sick and so often. I remember Monkey Man went through a similar phase at this age and its so frustrating. On one hand you don't want to keep giving them pain medicine as it can't be good for them to have it all the time, but then you don't want them to be in pain either.... plus my kids just love each other and as a result they pass illnesses back and forth. Never fun, and especially un-fun when the gastro bug strikes *yuck*.

Little Miss wore an outfit today that she received as a gift, its a size 3-6mths. She's 10 weeks tomorrow and its a good job I put it on her as the onesie only just does up. She's rapidly approaching 0 in clothes, which is around 6-12 months for the average baby! I put a 00 marquise suit (another gift) on her after her bath tonight and it fits perfectly, and that brand in my experience has always been big. Oh dear, another chubba bubba in the making! Lucky she's following the footsteps of her sister as she has a whole wardrobe of clothes waiting to be re-used.

Monkey Man threw the mother of all public tantys today and then he asked me to kiss his arm better, the one he'd just smacked into the pram over and over during his fury. I did laugh at him, and then he kissed it better himself... nawww.

Got a card from a courier company (damn I hate those cards!!) saying they tried to deliver to me at 2.30 today. Well I was home then, in fact I think I blogged around then so was sitting a metre or so from the front door??? Liars! Anyway, fingers crossed thats sorted now as its decorations for my girls christening which is the weekend after next, still loads to do including me getting my baking hat on. Should be interesting as since Monkey Man's sleep over at Nanny's he's very clingy and loves to climb up my legs, stand in between my feet or hide under my dress while I'm trying to cook/prepare dinner, wash up, load the dishwasher etc.... him on one leg, Missy Moo on the other - could mean some nasty results in the kitchen. Gawd help my guests, apologies in advance for food poisoning. And why do we think a function at home will be 'easy' and 'less stress'?? yeah maybe for the guests, certainly not for this host haha. Have a friend that makes awesome cupcakes, shame she's in England! Would cupcakes make it that far in one piece?? hmmm, seriously??


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