Thursday, 13 October 2011

second opinion

I took Missy Moo to a childrens doctor today, fully prepared to be told yes she has an ear infection and based on her history here is a referral to a paed ENT dude. Well according to todays Dr she doesn't have an ear infection but bronchialitis (can never spell that!!)... and now I am questioning every other ear infection diagnosis? According to todays Dr there is no sign of chronic ear infections, her ears are perfect and her speech development and balance are on track for her age, and if she'd had all these ear infections these things would be behind. Far out, who do you believe? You trust doctors, not only for yourself but for your precious children and yet get told opposing information. Gah! So frustrated. We're to finish the antibiotics she's on but the virus will pass in its own time and she'll be whingy until then (yay)... oh and keep an eye on the baby as she will most likely get it to. oh oh oh! and pull Missy Moo out of daycare as otherwise she will keep getting sick. hmmmm decisions decisions. Yes pulling her out is probably the right thing to do I know this and I suspected this since I finished work. She's a very sensitive little soul and was always happier at home. Will I leave Monkey Man in one day a week and have a girls day? Will he go to daycare without her? They're each others shadows and at the moment when he tantrums at daycare drop off I can suggest we go find Ivy and he's happy again. Surely her being with me will defeat the purpose of Toddler Free Friday? Will she get sick with what he brings home from daycare anyway, if I was to I leave him in one day a week? Will she be deprived of education and stimulation by not going to daycare? Will I cope with her every day of the week, seeing her nickname is cling on? (that didnt sound as selfish in my head!??!) Am I depriving Little Miss of some much needed one on one time by having Missy Moo home with us on Fridays? GAH!!!!!  I am so exhausted tonight after a bad night with her last night yet my brain is going round and round in circles... what to do? its keeping me awake tonight...

The Dr we saw was very cool from a toddler perspective, a big toy room in the waiting area, more toys in the Drs room and a bunk bed as an exam table. Very child friendly, just a shame they don't bulk bill. I know, I know, you can't put a price on your kids health but when you're trying to make ends meet month to month, and you live at the Drs like we do, well paying for a Dr visit each week could get very pricey... Wish they bulk billed....

still thinking about what to do

and if my iPhone would finish its bloody update I might be able to get to bed before midnight


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