Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm sick

I've got a sniffle and its annoying me. My nose is red from blowing it, wiping it all freaking day. I feel fine, no other issues just a runny nose - maybe its allergies?? Whatever it is, it needs to piss of pronto as I'm busy this week and can't be dealing with sickness too. As I get older, I'm learning to accept that I have an illness, a serious disorder. A shopping illness. I went into Myer today to get one or two things for a friends baby, and to check for xmas gear (I NEED xmas PJs for my kids!) and I bought nothing for said baby, but lots for my babies! hahaha. I go into woolies to get bread and come out with 20 items and $60 poorer!! My husband says I have an illness and I tend to agree with him. But don't tell him that. I just think its a woman's perogative to buy buy buy!!

I got mail today, in the form of parcels and oh how I love receiving parcels. Decorations for my girls christening.... geez it would be nice to have hours of free time to set everything up perfectly, how I see it in my head. Instead I know it will be a last minute throw together and get everyone out the door. Oh well, doesn't matter.

I have an entire house to clean before next Sunday, including vaccuuming up the sandpit my son bought home from daycare in his shoes, pants, nappy, hair etc... How they get it everywhere is beyond me?

I can feel a coldsore coming as my stress levels rising. Fab, just what I need when we're having some photos done.

I bought Lion King on DVD today, how I loved that movie when I was younger... I hope my kidlets love it too, and quite frankly anything has got to be better than watching Toy Story 1,2, or 3 for the 55th millionth time!

Weighed in this morning and lost another 1.3kg, so 5.1kg in total! Woot! So far, so good


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