Saturday, 8 October 2011

first sleepover

Tonight my Monkey Man is having his first sleep over at Nanny's house. I'm happy for him, he's growing up but it also makes me sad, or rather nostalgic. I packed up teeny onesies he wore as a new baby the other day and got all sad. He's a little boy now, and no longer my little baby *sad face*. He and Nanny are off to a reptile park tomorrow and he's been jibbering on all week about Nanny and 'snaaaakkes', he's clearly excited. This afternoon when she picked him up he waved us goodbye and said loud and clear 'bye bye mummy'. He happily climbed in the car and waved bye bye.... He's 2 and having his first sleep over. I know this is late in some people's eyes but he's never slept anywhere but with us, be it at home or on a holiday... I'm sure he will be fine, and its hubby and I feeling sad that he's not here. He adores my Mum, Nanny is the bees knees and no doubt he will be good as gold for her and then sleep in til 7am. I hope they enjoy their time together.

Missy Moo and Little Miss enjoyed a calm, girls only bath together with no 2yo clambering over the top of them and both went to sleep without a peep. Missy Moo clearly enjoyed having our undivided attention this afternoon and played happily for hours. She really loves having one on one attention. Such a sensitive little soul...

Meanwhile I'm researching hotels as hubby and I are off to a kid free wedding at the end of next month. Nanny is babysitting, with a little help from a friend, so we're gonna make a night of it. We were going to come home after the wedding but have decided its time we had a night away. I mean it's only been 3 years since we had a night away for reasons other than hospital stays. It's only been 3 babies, I mean years, since I really had a drink so why not. I'm sure I'll be a cadburys girl (glass and a half) and be a dribbling mess by the nights end but meh, its a wedding! And I'm looking forward to some time away, time with just hubby and I. I've also got to buy a dress, give a gift, buy something to wear to and attend the hens party, ahhhh holy crap weddings are expensive when you're just a guest! I am really looking forward to it though, just gotta pay for it first.

Weighed in this morning and lost another 2.1kgs, so 3.8 total so far in only a couple of weeks. yay go me! Am feeling very proud of myself and well on my way to 10kgs gone by xmas. Hoping to maintain this momentum although I'm realistic that I can't keep losing that much each week.

10pm, time for dreamfeed for Little Miss and some much needed sleep for me. I am totally exhausted after this week...


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