Monday, 10 October 2011

Kiss it better

Not long ago I offered to kiss Monkey Man's finger when he hurt himself, I was attempting to teach him the whole kiss it better thing, which was really an attempt to stop him screaming the house down whenever he fell over/tripped over/crashed etc etc and he does these things alot. The screaming is attention seeking as there is a huge difference between those screams and the really hurt myself, silent, sobbing screams. Both he and Missy Moo are champions at both. Anyway, he's mastered the kiss it better thing and now asks me to kiss something better at least 20 times a day. Over the weekend I even had to kiss his shoe and his pants better (trousers, not undies for those poms reading)... ok so kissing his shoes better is going a bit far but I spose I should be grateful he's learning things from me. He goes for naptime and bangs his head jumping around in protest and I am summoned upstairs to kiss it better at least 4 times before he will go to sleep, that and wipe the 'not' under his nose. He knows I will come up to him as I am paranoid about him waking his sisters. Cheeky bugger!

This morning Missy Moo appears to have cottoned on and is now thrusting her finger, arm, leg, foot etc in my face for me to kiss it better. She kind of grunts at me and won't leave my side til I kiss the limb better. Yay, double the fun!! Could be interesting this time next year when I have 3 asking me to kiss it better?

At the moment all 3 are sleeping, although Little Miss is protesting a little. I think she's having a growth spurt as she's certainly unsettled and her onesies are getting snug. She can't be ready for 0 already? She's not yet 3 months old, and I'm sure 0's are around the 6 month mark?? Well maybe for other babies, but not mine! Anyway, that protesting is getting louder so I'd best go and settle her. Maybe she wants me to kiss something better?? Either way she knows I'm coming as I don't want her to wake the others *smile*


  1. lol, it could be worse, my god-daughter went through a phase where you had to put a bandaid on everything that was sore! That was a lot of bandaids, and they couldn't be just the plain homebrand ones, noooo, they had to be the expensive character ones.

    Oh my, the Little Miss is growing. My little Miss is 8 weeks older than yours and is still in 000! I think 0 is 6-12 months.


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