Thursday, 20 October 2011


Monkey Man had a moment this morning, a moment that was pure hilarity and if I don't write it down I'm sure I will forget.

I was changing his crappy nappy and he was wriggling around so much, chatting away non-stop about Percy, Thomas and friends. In a sheer moment of exasperation I told him to 'lie still so I can get the poo off your balls'... he lay still. There was also silence for about 30 seconds before he burst out with 'my balls, my balls' and soon he was saying it over and over again, practically singing it. We went back to the living area and he then spent the next hour or so running around saying 'my balls, my balls' over and over and added in the occasional 'mummy clean Percy's balls'.

Oh dear god. Please forget these words by Sunday son, we're going to church. And if not, lets say Daddy taught you that.


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