Friday, 21 October 2011

I heart my ducted air

The warmer weather this week has been beautiful. We ran our air con today from about 11am for the first time since we moved here in March. We've had it on for short times but today was the longest by far and coming from a older house with no ducted air, can I say how much I heart my air con!! I know I will not enjoy the electricity bill when it comes but hey, you do what you gotta do to get through.

Little Miss appears to already have an aversion to heat, refusing to sleep for most of yesterday and the only decent sleep she had was once the air was on?? She wouldn't sleep this morning while we were out and about and I have a sneaky feeling that was due to being in the capsule. All 3 of my kids have started to crack it in the capsule once it gets warmer which was one of the main reasons I only hired one for 4 months this time. Last time I'd paid for 6 months and it sat in my Mum's garage for nearly 3 of those. At the end of November, if not before, we will buy Missy Moo a new seat and move her into that, moving Little Miss into the rear facing seat we have. That seat has been great value for money, having served all 3 of my kids. It will last Little Miss until she's too big for it and then the poor back seat of our car will have 3 big seats on it. The price you pay for having 3 kids so close together. I can see us lasting with our current car for another 18mths-2 years and then it will be time to upgrade to a 7 seater. And I will not be buying a bus!! A 7 seater 4WD will do me nicely thankyou very much. Best tell hubby to earn some more money then hey! hahaha

And what do you do with old car seats anyway? They have a 10 year life span, this one will have served 3, maybe 3.5 at a push? What do you do with them??

Somehow I/we have to set this house up tomorrow for a bucket load of people on Sunday, with two 'helper' toddlers underfoot. I can see hubby and I up til midnight tomorrow night trying to get it all done. And then fighting the toddlers to keep it tidy on Sunday morning. Should be interesting.

One of my best friends is arriving from interstate tomorrow for the christening, and a girly catch up of course! Last time we saw each other I was heavily pregnant with Missy Moo, and this time she's pregnant. Funny how it works out. One day in the not too distant future we will be together and be able to have a few drinks. We flat shared in London years ago and oh the stories I could tell you... How we didn't end up with alcohol poisoning is beyond me.

Weighed in this morning and lost another .7kg, so 5.8kg in a month which I'm really happy about. I'm starting to notice a difference in my clothes which to me is the best reward and motivator... Really hoping I can keep it up although Sunday I am planning to enjoy myself and forget about points, just for one day.


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