Tuesday, 4 October 2011

today was a good day, I think

In the grand scheme of things, today was a good day. The toddlers ran about outside and exhausted themselves (hopefully), Little Miss was a 'good baby' as per usual and the backyard now looks less jungle like and more "we care about our house" hahaha. My kids are healthy and I am grateful for that everyday, especially when friends and loved ones are struck with bad luck.

The day didn't start so well, 3 crappy nappies within minutes of each other - the joys! Food refusal, alot and I really mean ALOT. Missy Moo basically ate nothing today so I am worried about how she will sleep tonight. It seems unless a chicken nugget is laid down in front of my kids, well they won't eat it. And let me tell you, food refusal is right up there on my hate list. Don't get me wrong, they will eat custard and chocolate and hot chips til the cows come home. Anything remotely healthy, pfft to that! I think Missy Moo has been having teething issues over the last few weeks which would hopefully explain the moods, tantrums and whinging as well as the disturbed sleep. I'm the kind of person that needs to understand why, the reasons for everything and then I can accept and cope. If there is no reason, or none I understand, I get so frustrated! Her 4 molars decided to cut at once and until now she's been a good teether, unlike her brother. These 4 however have really upset her, and while the bottom two seemed to pop through rather quickly, the top two have finally come down after appearing as bloody holes in her gums weeks ago. The last couple of days she's been alot happier, and 12 hours solid sleep at night hasn't hurt either. Appears to be ear/throat infection free so fingers crossed we're on the improve!

We had the garden tended to by a professional today and whilst Monkey Man ran around the deck cheering the hedge trimmer/chain saw on, Missy Moo screamed and clambered up my leg. Funny yes? Not so much as I was feeding Little Miss at the time but hey, we managed. I sometimes wish I had CCTV to capture the moments I can't photograph myself due to literally having my hands full, then again I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards most days so I'll pass on the CCTV.

Little Miss is 2 months old today and I almost didn't realise, mainly because I don't know what day it is. Bloody long weekends always throw me out and you watch, I'll be shocked when its Friday as it doesn't feel like a Friday, whatever that means. Little Miss is smiling, watching things around her and poking her tongue out like a lizard, which the toddlers find hilarious. I've packed away her 000 clothes as she's well and truly in 00, almost in 0... much like my other two, she's long and growing fast! I am a little sadder each time I pack something else away, knowing its the last time any of my children will wear/use that item. I managed to get some photos of the three of them rumbling this morning... well the toddlers rumbling and Little Miss looking very concerned and confused. Anyone with more than one child will tell you how hard it is to get a photo of them together where they all look at you/the camera. I so badly want a DSLR and am hoping Santa can find me one?

All 3 went down at 7pm, music to my ears as I relish my 7pm bedtime. The weather was ok. My friends newborn baby boy who's been very sick is making great strides towards recovery. I got dressed. Dinner was made. The house is semi-tidy. I didn't throttle any of my children. Yes, today was a good day. Oh and I lost 1.7kg at my first weigh in on Saturday and today in a stressful time when I would normally devour chocolate, I ate an apple instead. Yay me. Today WAS a good day.


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