Friday, 7 October 2011


It's Friday, Friday, Friday!! For me, thats Toddler Free Friday and its so exciting. I wish I had lots of yummy scrumptious things to do, just for me but alas no... the house needs cleaning, groceries need doing, washing needs folding and putting away - my least fave domestic duty. Will I actually achieve any of this today? Possibly not given I am completely exhausted after Monkey Man decided to carry on for most of last night. I know he has a cold and is pretty bunged up. I know I created a monster by teaching him to come and see me everytime he has snot running down his face. It works great during the day, and has stopped him wiping his nose up his sleeve, however after being called back to his room for the 25th time last night because of 'snot mummy, snot'... well its wearing thin. In earlier days, when Monkey Man was sick we could put him into our bed and he'd go straight to sleep. I couldn't sleep due to flailing limbs and little fingers being poked in my ears and up my nose, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Admittedly he hasn't been sick for a while, and it appears coming to Mummy and Daddy's bed is no longer an attractive option as all he wanted to do was go downstairs and start the day. Um, no, its midnight so you're going to sleep. I'm seriously getting that book 'Go The Fcuk To Sleep' which I've seen circulating on facebook. I thought it was a joke but turns out its a real book. I need it. and an alcoholic drink LOL

It's been a long week of crappy weather meaning we were stuck inside most of the week. Lots of tantrums, lots of fighting and a tribe of visitors yesterday meant none of the kids slept much during the day, which in turn meant the night went to crap. Listening to 3x simultaneously crying babies down the 3x monitors was somewhat disturbing. Why you can't switch those monitors off at the parent unit I'll never know! I've been staying up too late playing online, creating photobooks for my kids first year when really I should be sleeping. The whole lack of sleep catches up with me eventually. Last Sunday I cried when Little Miss vomited on me for the fourth time in fifteen minutes. I had to get out for a bit, I needed a break. I caught up for a coffee with a friend. Given I looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, we went to maccas as I felt I wasn't coffee shop worthy! I felt much better after a break and a vent... and being able to eat/drink without having to share or have little people begging for my food, the exact same food on plates in front of them!

So, it's nearly 11am and I've achieved nothing. I lie. I've done my groceries, online but still they're done. Tick, one domestic duty done. Now to do the rest or have a nanna nap???

weigh in tomorrow, eek not holding much hope of a good result...


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