Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the witching hour

I forgot that 6 wks of age meant the beginning of witching hour, or arsenic hour, whichever title you prefer. And why its named ** hour is beyond me when it clearly lasts alot longer than an hour?? Little Miss has hit the 6wk mark and is text book perfect so far. The last few days she's not slept much in the afternoon but I put it down to this being the noisiest time of the day for her siblings and as she's more awake now, of course she won't be able to sleep. Then today, when I had Little Miss in the baby bjorn, Missy Moo on my hip and Monkey Man wrapped around my leg and all 3 were screaming, it hit me.... witching hour has begun!! (have you got a visual yet?) It's a position I'd never thought about, and one I'd prefer not to repeat in a hurry as my back is sore tonight. I spose I can't really expect it not to be after carrying 17kg of children with another 15kg climbing up my leg! Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow the toddler tornados will sleep at the same time and won't tag team on me. I won't have multiple people over, or parcels being delivered to drag me to the front door which causes full blown melt downs from the children who can't come to the door - aka bolt out the door like puppies as soon as its opened! Tomorrow I will take the tribe to the Drs for a specialist appointment for me, and attempt to contain them from destroying the place - which reminds me I better go pack bribes, I mean food supplies, into the nappy bag. And tomorrow I will re-wash the white towels that are now covered in dirty finger prints and chocolate milk and snot after abovementioned toddler tornadoes took great delight in running through them whilst they dried on the line. I really don't mind re-washing them as the giggles and laughter I heard while they dirtied them was worth it, plus it was the first time there was no tantrums since the 5.30am start to the day and hey, thats worth more than dirty towels.


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