Wednesday, 21 September 2011

being grateful

Two things happened today to make me feel grateful. The first was a specialist I've been seeing for 4 years tell me how beautiful my children are. I truly believe without him and my OB that I wouldn't have my children and will be eternally grateful to both of them. The second was reading and hearing about a terminally ill little girl who is only a little bit younger than Monkey Man. The struggles facing this family are immense and I must admit to feeling rather selfish for complaining about witching hour or toddler tantrums. I dare say this little girls mum would give anything to see her baby tantrum... I am grateful, and I am blessed to have 3 healthy children and I should show it more often. I try to do my best at this mumma gig but unless someone tells you, there is no way to tell if your best is good enough. You just have to assume you're doing ok, and hope the bear hug cuddles from your kids are 'thanks for doing a good job'.

I really do love my babies and love being a mum - even though Monkey Man is carrying on in his cot right now, refusing a nap for nearly 2 hours. He's not crying, just gibbering away, throwing toys and jumping around. He's just woken his sister as well, which I am not impressed with but, in the spirit of being grateful will let go. just for today... *smile*


  1. I know the feeling Eliza, reading C's blog today really bought it all home. You do have 3 beautiful healthy children and you are trully blessed.It's good to remember that sometimes!


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