Friday, 23 September 2011


It's nearly 11pm and my 3 babies have been sleeping since 7, in their own cots, in their own rooms. Little Miss is officially out of our room and in her own space. Alot of people may think she's too young at 7 weeks but for us, our experience so far has been that our kids sleep better in their own rooms. Monkey man went to his at 8 weeks, Missy Moo at 5 and Little Miss has gone at 7.... I think the fact that my hubby snores so loudly hinders their sleep, or maybe its that we move and get up to every sound they make in their sleep - have you ever slept close by a newborn? They're noisy!! Between farts, grunts, snorts, chirps and squeaks it never stops! So Little Miss is in her cot and I must remember to take a photo of this important milestone in the morning.

Missy Moo is sick as I suspected and has another ear infection, her fourth in six months and according to the GP once she has 6 in 12 mths she will be referred to a specialist for possible grommets. Yay! That should be fun. Fingers crossed we get to March next year without two more, although lets be realistic, it aint gonna happen. Poor Missy Moo might be the first of my three kids to have an operation. Not so sure thats a milestone I want her to reach??

Speaking of operations I took $1200 worth of bills to medicare today and got less than $600 back. Not a happy camper seeing I had mentally spent the money before I got it. The system sux!!

The children are sleeping, I'm awake when I should be sleeping, and making lists of things I need to do. Seriously, does it ever stop? When do I get to sit back and rest and take it all in? I lose track of days as I'm too busy to realise another day is done. I write lists to remember the to-do lists, and I find myself remembering random things at stupid o'clock in the morning!! I'm hanging to find my off switch. I've had two magazines here to read for more than a week and I haven't even opened the front covers. I find I get to 4pm and realise I haven't eaten or pee'd all day! Note: why am I not pencil thin?!?! LOL I was thinking of how I'm going to set up the food and tables etc for the girls christening at 3am last night?? Why then I don't know! I have one day a week where the toddlers go to daycare and its just Little Miss and I. I should be having a nanna nap or having some quality time with her, taking her newborn goodness in as it will be over before too long. Instead I take full advantage of the freedom and run errands, scheduling appointments and actioning to-do lists, mopping floors - stuff that is so much harder to do with two terrors under your feet. Someday my cleaning fairy will come and take my troubles away but until then, its just me! And I've been debating about whether its worth keeping them in daycare... and then I remember how much I have to do on those days... A milestone for me, admitting I need that one day.

Monkey Man hit a milestone last week, finally saying his own name. Admittedly he's not pronouncing it correctly but he's so proud of himself and my heart melts everytime I hear him say it, all 55 million times , all day *smile*

Note to self, add to the to-do list: update babies record books of abovementioned milestones.


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