Saturday, 17 September 2011

online shopping - oh the pure joy

As a busy mumma, I've discovered how much online shopping is my friend. I've always loved it, loved receiving parcels and find myself stalking the delivery guys, hearing the van and thinking 'oooh am I gonna get something today?' and being disappointed when they ring my neighbours doorbell.... It's kinda like when you 'win' something on ebay. The sheer joy of beating someone else is just, well, awesome! Never mind that you're actually buying something, thats just minor details! No, online shopping is  fabulous especially when you have many little people to take with you should you venture to the shops. And quite frankly, thats hard work, the thing you want is never in stock and you deal with rude staff, parking wars and stupid idiots in lifts that don't need to be there, taking up space you need so why not click away in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you?? I'm probably spending 90% of my spendings online, with groceries, birthday presents, etc being bought online. Today I even bought make-up and saved myself the 'make-over and advice' from some overdone 12yo in too high heels and too much perfume! I'm currently organising a christening for my 2 girls and as much of that is being done online as possible... who knew there were so many businesses selling party wares?? And xmas, well when I finally pull my finger out, xmas will be pretty much done online too. Someone pointed out the other day it was 100 days til xmas and I nearly died. I've done nothing, not bought or thought of a single thing and its starting to stress me out. But never fear, online shopping will save the day/petrol/stress and I will get it done. And all I know for sure is Santa will find us...

Now what to get the kids??


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