Tuesday, 13 September 2011

you've got your hands full

Took all 3 kids to the Drs today. Missy Moo's whinging has gotten extreme, as has her clinginess and need to be 'up' all the time.. all of which is rather difficult when trying to tend to a newborn. On the plus side her talking is getting better, honestly hearing your child clearly saying Mummy rather than mum mum mum is just heart warming - ask me again in a couple of years how nice it is when I have 3x screaming MUUUUMMM at me all day?? Anyway, off we went, two in the pram and Little Miss strapped to me in the carrier. We got alot of looks and double takes while we killed time due to the Dr running late - big surprise! Within half an hour of being at the shops I had at least 6 randoms tell me "you've got your hands full". One stopped me and asked me the gap between the 3 and then said "really" when I told her one year. She then asked me again "really??" yes really! It's not something I forget.

Since I was a child I've attracted random comments, randoms telling me their life story within minutes of meeting me. People from all walks of life seem to find me approachable, which is kind of ironic as those closest to me often tell me I am unapproachable... I've also always attracted nutters (thankgod for the 'hide' feature on facebook), including some of my exes haha but seriously, what's with the comments? Society seems to think its ok to say what they think, to tell someone to their face that they're too skinny but they'd never say 'hey have a salad fatty' to someones face?!?!  People don't say 'hey why only one child/no child' but seem to think its ok to comment on mine? I just don't get it... much like I don't get why the older generation in particular seem to love to ask 'is he/she a good baby?'... Just how are you supposed to answer that? Nah, she's horrible and I wish I never had her?!? Nor do I understand why they insist on sticking their head into a capsule to 'see the baaaaaby' - um hello, sleeping baby!! Back off!! I just don't get it. When I was pregnant with Missy Moo people said if I had a girl I'd then have the pigeon pair and wouldn't want a third. How would they know if I wanted 3 or 23 children and more importantly, what difference does it make to them?? Gah, sometimes people shit me!

Yes we finally saw the Dr after killing 40 long minutes of waiting time singing songs, drinking milkshakes (yes I got more looks as I handed these to the kids), eating tiny teddies from the well packed nappy bag aka my saviour and playing toddler eye spy. Yes Missy Moo is sick so at least that gives me a reason for her behaviour of late, poor poppet. Yes we got stopped twice more on the way back to the car for people to comment and stare... And on a completely different note, why don't Drs have frequent flyer type programmes? God knows I'd rack up the points pretty quick, as would any Mum with young kids. Something like ten visits and your 11th is granted with no waiting time, go straight to the front of the queue! Now wouldn't that be nice *smile*


  1. It drives me nuts too, get used to the stupid comments, they're endless!


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