Monday, 19 September 2011

we love chocolate

It's been 6 weeks since my Little Miss joined our family, and 6 weeks since I became a mumma of 3 under 3... and 6 weeks/55 million comments from randoms about me having my hands full but that's another blog altogether.

Little Miss is thriving, doing all the things she should do, she's smiling and cooing now although how she manages to sleep amongst 2x toddler tornados is beyond me!! Her cot arrived today so she'll be moving out of our room soon and into her own space. Not sure how she'll go without hubby's snoring to lull her off to sleep hahaha. We've become a household of 3 cots, something I never really saw coming. Monkey Man has a big boy bed waiting for him but the last attempt to move him into it was an epic failure - ten nights of screaming blue murder - him and us, ten nights of him ending up in bed with us, thrashing, poking, slapping, climbing, etc etc. He sleeps really well in his cot, isn't climbing out and still has plenty of room so I am not moving him yet. We might even convert his cot to a toddler bed (and install a gate on his door!!) before we try the big bed again. I value my sleep too much and hey, if it aint broke, why fix it.

Today we ventured out to Little Miss' 6 week paed appointment ( I can never spell that word!) and it was a success. Dr was running late - are they ever on time?? - so poor Monkey Man and Missy Moo had to stay in the pram for what must have been an hour+.... Anyone with toddler experience knows this is a recipe for disaster. I did think ahead and pack what I thought would be plenty of food, and it was, but only just! 5 mins more of waiting and I could have had a full blown mutiny on my hands. When both absolutely cracked it in the Drs room, I pulled out the big guns. I offered them a freddo, and magically they were quiet. Freddo was gratefully received, I got to finish up the appointment, pay the bill while more randoms told me I had my hands full and off we went, with both my big kids covered in chocolate, looking more homeless than loved but they were quiet and happy, and thats all that mattered. Is there anything that chocolate can't fix?


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