Tuesday, 27 September 2011

trials and tribulations of toddlerhood!

My two little tornadoes were particularly hard work this morning. The fighting is loud and violent! God help me when they're bigger than 1 & 2!! This morning just seemed to be one big long scream session and funnily enough the best behaved out of all of us (me included) was Little Miss at 7wks old... Thank goodness for a playdate as I was ready to crack open a bottle of wine by 9am, and I mean really considering it!!

All the books, other parents, drs etc told me that toddlerhood is hard work and whilst I dont disagree, one toddler on it's own is easy! Maybe I have a slightly altered perspective given I've never had just one toddler? By the time Monkey Man hit toddlerhood I had another baby to deal with as well. One toddler I can ignore, I can laugh at a temper tantrum or frustration at not being able to walk/run/climb/talk/ride the trike whereas once there is two, you're outnumbered! The screaming and frustration is multiplied and you really have moments where you have to dig deep to stay in control. No one is perfect and motherhood takes a truck load of patience. Everyone has different things that push their buttons, here are mine:

Fighting over anything and everything, why!!
The need to fill a nappy as soon as a clean one is put on - not their fault but annoying all the same!
Food refusal, why!?!
Refusing food offered to them but will happily eat the exact same thing off my plate!?
Throwing food on the floor. This gets me everytime. If one more expert (dr, nurse, daycare teacher etc) tells me it's their way of exploring gravity, the noise it makes as it hits the floor or your reaction to them throwing food well I'm going to explode. Yes all these reasons are part of it but really I think they do it to piss their mums off. Mine have never thrown a chicken nugget, hot chip or chocolate on the floor?? Oh no, wouldn't want to waste these precious goodies!!


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