Thursday, 22 September 2011

hi ho, hi ho, its back to the drs we go

We're off to the Drs again this afternoon. I really do feel like I live there lately. Missy Moo is sick again, I'm pretty sure of it. She's been sick for the past month and either can't shake it or keeps getting new versions. Poor bubba just can't catch a break; ear infection one week, ear infection the next week in the opposite ear (dont ask me which ear was first or second!), pharyngitis the following week and I'm pretty sure the ear infection is back as crying/screaming occurs whenever she lays down to sleep. Last night was pretty intense... how do you soothe a toddler at midnight who doesn't like to be cuddled (unless she chooses to) and won't sleep anywhere but her car seat, the loungeroom floor or her own bed?? At least when Monkey Man is sick he wants nothing but cuddles or to sleep in our bed. Admittedly neither the husband or I get any sleep when he's in there but hey, at least the toddler is resting.

I thought the change of season and warmer weather would bring an end to the non stop illnesses of winter, but I guess not. Now I just need Monkey Man and Little Miss to stay well, oh and I spose it would be nice if I avoided it too... if I go down there aint no one to look after the tribe so it could get very ugly, but then again mums don't get sick days do we?


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