Sunday, 11 September 2011

my first test

Tomorrow is my first true test as a mum of 3 under 3, it's my first day solo. Hubby and my Mum are both back at work and tomorrow will be my first day alone with 3 little monkeys.

I've been itching to get on with things, to do things my way with no one watching, and to prove to myself that I can cope. Now the day is finally here, well I'm a tad nervous... I know in my heart I will be ok but its moments of madness that make you doubt yourself.

Saturday, both older kids were just up from naptime and cranky as all hell. Little miss decided to disgrace herself while I was changing her nappy, soaking her clothes and woombie, screaming in the process. I had no clean clothes at hand and no choice but to carry her to find some. Meanwhile the older two decide they want to come out and help, I say no so they both tantrum and scream the house down. Hubby was here for this so I had help but it was stressful. Lesson learnt, move some clean clothes for little miss into the nappy changing zone aka the laundry.

Sunday, we head off as a family to a birthday party. It was a kids party but not really if you know what I mean - but thats another story. Older two decide they want to run in and out of most un-child-friendly house I've been to for a long time, they also try to put the 'placed at toddler height' remotes and ipods into the buffet lunch, steal strategically placed fruit from fruit pyramids, finger the beautifully decorated birthday cake etc etc... all this would have been fine, if just exhausting, with two kids... we have 3. Little Miss slept in her capsule (gawd love her!) and all was well. Hubby and I chased a toddler each, didn't eat or drink ourselves as we were too busy and tonight we're both totally exhausted. Once Little Miss decided she was awake, well I had to sit and nurse her while hubby chased the toddlers. He's beyond exhausted tonight, and many people told me how lucky I was to have a super dad to help me. I sat on the floor playing blocks with monkey man and feeding Little Miss while Missy Moo screamed the place down. It was time to go. The prospect of doing parties like this one in a years time, when I have 3 toddlers running in 3 different directions is just scary, no actually its terrifying. Every invite will have to be reviewed in a true military style!

However if one more person says to me 'I don't know how you do it', 'geez you have your hands full', 'did you plan it this way?' or some other similar comment, well I'm not sure how I will respond. Probably much the way I do now, that I don't know any other way, that I adore my children and the gap between them and while there are hard moments, the good far outweighs the bad. Plus they're super cute!

Wish me luck tomorrow!!


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