Saturday, 24 September 2011

its all about me

During the week I had a light bulb moment. I was sitting feeding Little Miss amongst my tornado toddlers and it occured to me that it was 4pm and I hadn't pee'd all day. Suddenly I was bursting.!! I left the toddlers to it, popped Little Miss in the swing and hoped like hell her brother and sister wouldn't catapult her out in the 2 minutes I'd be gone. Little Miss was fine but Missy Moo managed to throw herself off a chair (she's taken to standing on chairs and then can't get down) so I'm consoling her, wondering did I remember to wash my hands, and next thing Monkey Man copies his sister and throws himself off a chair... A toddler suicide pact?? Sweet jeezus! Two screaming toddlers and a baby swinging away blissfully unaware of the carnage she's been born into. Things soon calmed down although I really feel I should go and apologise to my neighbours for the daily racket that comes from my backyard, or maybe pop a flyer in their letter box?

Dear Neighbour,
We haven't met but no doubt you know my voice, or at the very least the voices of my children. They're young, loud and proud and are not afraid of a good old fashioned throw down tantrum. I dare say you know all of this as you hear us daily. This note is to apologise for anything you might hear and think inappropriate, if my kids or my screaming interrupts your morning coffee/lunch in the sun etc. I promise there is no need to call DOCs, its all under control here. I will however happily accept gifts of alcohol if you feel the urge. And should you knock on my door to complain and suspect I am PUTI (parenting under the influence), chances are your suspicions will be valid. They will grow out of it, so everyone tells me, but until then my apologies. Oh and in about 6-12mths it will get louder as my latest addition will find her voice and join in the chaos. Sorry bout that xx

So later that night as I bathed 3x wriggly, squirming kids I got to thinking. When was the last time I made myself a priority. Sure I get my hair blow dried or a pedi on toddler free friday if the schedule and bank balance permit, I mean somethings HAVE to take priority right?? Plus due to the amount of bloody grey hair I have, I have no choice but to colour my hair. I know some Mums don't have this luxury and I am grateful, really I am. However, I'm struggling to get dressed of a morning because nothing fits, and I only have 30 seconds to throw something on, so its a stressful 30 seconds! I need to get my butt into gear and lose some weight. I've lost some since having Little Miss, but no where near the amount I need to. I have a wardrobe of shiny lovely clothes (not actually shiny) that I can't wear. I want to shop for an outfit for my step sisters wedding without stressing. So, today I joined Weight Watchers. I can't believe I'm making this public but maybe by doing so it will force me to stick to it. I've done it before, lost a few kgs, gotten cocky and fallen off the band wagon. I'm never going to be small, its just not in my genes but I will be smaller than I am now. And I'll be a better mum for it. It's all about me, for an hour a week, I am child free and listening to others in a similar situation talk about their losses, gains, successes and failures. I'm not worried about kids meals, nap times, colds, nappy changes or tantrums... It's all about me and hopefully a slimmer me!

I managed to rope a friend in to my plan tonight, so hopefully both she and I will be slimmer soon. Get me! I could be one of those Fitness First recruiters bahahaha!! Our first goal is 10kg gone by Christmas which we agree is achievable. Trust me when I say I am determined to meet that goal as this will be my first Christmas in 3 years where I can drink alcohol and eat freely. My First Christmas in 3 years where I won't be pregnant - reckon I should get that put on a bauble for the tree??


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