Monday, 26 September 2011

a family outing

I missed the Aust post delivery guy on Friday so got one of those annoying cards in my letter box asking me to attend (with ID) my local post office. Great, just what I need.... so today I loaded the tribe up and off we went to the post office. Just a normal family outing for us *smile*. Pre-kids I would pop to the post office a few times a week - remember I love online shopping - with no dramas and be in and out in 5 mins. Post-kids, well its a military operation with two in the pram and another strapped to me. The post office bloke handed me two rather large boxes and asked where my trolley was?? How I'm meant to push a trolley AND almost 30kg of toddler in the pram is beyond me... I handed one box to Monkey Man and told him he's a big boy now so he has to help Mummy and tucked the other under my arm. All was ok til I noticed people moving out of my way, seems we were a rather wide load. And then Monkey Man threw a massive tanty when I took his box away from him to put it in the car. oh hum

All was solved with morning tea at a cafe, at which my two entertained everyone with their hysterics at the birds flying by. Why do toddlers love birds so much?

Got home to another bloody card in the post box..... insert expletive here!!


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