Thursday, 1 September 2011

not more antibiotics??

so it turns out Missy Moo is actually unwell,  and not just teething, suffering separation anxiety or having difficulty adjusting to being a big sister (or all of the above)... she has yet another ear infection and is on yet more antibiotics. And don't I feel like mother of the year for thinking she was just being a cling on??!!??!? soooooooo, note to self for future: when Missy Moo whinges intensely, she's unwell. when Monkey Man stops eating/eats less and his sleep is disturbed, he's unwell. Will be interesting to see how the littlest one copes with illness but for now, I'll happily live with her being 100% healthy and happy thanks. Here's to the AB's doing their thing quickly and my little miss being back to her happy and smiley self soon...

Note, I discovered yesterday just how much my two love green grapes, or 'drapes' as Monkey Man calls them. . . I think between the two of them they've eaten a kilo or more in 24 hours! I can now add them to the many food items we go through in huge quantities every week; milk, bread, eggs, yoghurt, strawberries, biscuits, milk, oh and did I mention milk? Anyone know if you can grow 'drapes' in western Sydney's climate? Surely they could grow next to the milking cow we're gonna have? Seriously...


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