Monday, 12 September 2011

I will survive

Day one of me vs the 3x little ones was, IMO, a success. Despite a bra full of puke, despite walking to the local Drs and realising how unfit I am currently, despite Missy Moo trying to flush toy cars down the loo and launching her night time milk bottle from upstairs when she was done with it.... overall it was a success! 2 loads of washing were done, are dried and folded ready to put away (a job I detest!!), groceries were delivered (thankgod for online shopping!!), kids were fed and happy, although they didn't get out of PJs til nearly 10am...I'd changed 3x crappy nappies before 10am though. I even managed to cook dinner while they ate their dinner AND survived bathtime without killing one of them, all of them or myself. I'm feeling very supermum tonight, and no doubt tomorrow it will all collapse in a heap but for the moment, I'm enjoying my moment in the sun *insert smiley face here*. I did a quick google of the word super mum and the above image come up... and whilst I don't think I am supermum by any means, I'm just doing what I gotta do, I did find the image striking as its pretty much my family dynamic, and of course I look that good in lycra, NOT!! bahahaha

Something that worked today: I gave Monkey Man and Missy Moo a noodle box each with lollies in it after dinner. Great success! They sat in their chairs and ate lollies, or chewed/sucked on them, threw them around the room and took great delight in pulling them out of the boxes and stuffing them back in. There was many ssss noises as the snakes were played with and ooohhh aaahh aaaah noises when they discovered the banana lollies, the noises monkeys make of course! The genuine childs play you wish you could bottle and keep forever, that sheer delight and happiness from something so simple. A part of me was worried about the sugar high and starting a bad habit but to be truthful apart from a mini box of smarties and a freddo each, I don't think they actually ate many of the lollies. Both my kids are chocoholics like their mumma nawwww - I wonder if our little miss will be the same? A great use of noodle boxes and it bought me 15 mins to get the adult dinner sorted, talk about a result!!

The night before the big kids wanted to 'help' me prepare dinner so up to the bench they came and I gave them a bowl and spoon each. I gave them a handful of frozen vegies to stir... Monkey man ate all of his and then some of his sisters, saying yum and naming the vegies as he shoved them in... if thats the only way I can get him to eat vegies, well expect to see lots more 'mixing' being offered up!! haha

The things we mums do to survive. . .


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