Wednesday, 14 September 2011

happiness is . . .

Today is a glorious spring day in Sydney, the kind you wish for when getting married and the little people and I have spent most of it on the back deck. Missy Moo still isn't well although has perked up slot since a nap. She fell asleep in her high chair earlier, a first and something neither of my kids has done ever - yes I took photos before rescuing her *smile*

Sitting in the sunshine got me thinking how happy I am right now. These are a few things that make me happy, in no particular order:

•watching my two toddlers play together, laughing hysterically
•watching clean washing dancing on the line
•watching my 1yo's delight as she covers herself in food as she learns to feed herself - not so happy about the washing it creates!?
•freshly washed sheets, even better when someone else makes the bed
•home cooked food, made with ease and at a pleasant pace preferably without a toddler or two climbing up your legs or under your feet
•seeing my 1yo's delight at new shoes - she's SO my daughter!
•realising my feet have shrunk post 3x pregnancies. Didn't know you'd change shoe size when/after having kids? Neither did I til it was happening. It's not something people tell you.
•thinking about this time next year when I'll have 3x little people running about, playing together
•realising Xmas is only 3mths away

Panic is realising Xmas is only 3 mths away eek!!

What makes you happy??


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